Peacock Chair Makeover

By Chanel Dror
How to repaint a rattan peacock chair

How to repaint a rattan peacock chair

If you do home improvement projects often, you probably know that they almost always take more time (and work, and money) than you originally planned. Well friends, I stand before you today reinvigorated and re-inspired, as I can honestly say that this makeover project might be the first of its kind to have actually been easier and faster than I ever imagined. Crazy, right?

It started with our team’s shared love of rattan peacock chairs and a yearning for one in a fun, cheery color. I expected the project to take days — what with that intricate wicker work and needing to fill in each tiny crevice — but I was so wrong. From start to finish, the entire task took up the better half of one afternoon, and while I’d like to think that’s a result of my ever-improving craftsmanship, the real hero was the BEHR paint. I’ll talk a bit more about that below, but for now, let us behold the beauty that is the peacock chair: organic, shapely and light weight, there’s no easier way to make a bold statement in your decor, and surprisingly enough, they can be found at resale shops from time-to-time for around $100. Of course, even if you don’t have a peacock chair, this same technique can be applied to just about any style wicker furniture. Keep reading for the surprisingly simple step-by-step…

*photography by Molly Winters

How to repaint a rattan peacock chair

Our friend Candice from OH! Fox Creative (who has all sorts of fabulous rattan pieces in her shop) provided the peacock chair. It had the right shape and was in great condition, but had unfortunately fallen victim to two incomplete spray paint jobs… hence the splotchy gold-on-black look. So often we resort to using spray paint by default, but on a project like this — since the spray would simply blow through the holes in the wicker — painting with a brush was the way to go.

best exterior paint with primer

After comparing the different lines at Home Depot, Marquee from BEHR was the clear choice. Because of the wonky previous paint jobs on the chair, I knew we’d need a paint with a great primer. And with exceptional resistance to dirt and fading, you really can’t beat the quality of this line.

How to repaint a rattan peacock chair


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