Fruity Candy Bar Wrappers

By Chanel Dror


Around here, nothing’s more exciting than getting our hands on a new tech gadget, so when the Sprout by HP arrived on our office doorstep, we couldn’t unpack the thing fast enough. We’d read all about the revolutionary computer’s capabilities and seen lots of other creations by browsing the #sproutbyhp hashtag, but actually getting to use it ourselves defied expectation. After an hour of scanning literally every object in sight, I decided to design something bright and summery using all the fresh produce we had on hand. The end product: DIY chocolate bar wrappers that are perfect for party favors or just-because presents… and that are so delightful, the recipient might never want to unwrap them! Keep reading to see how we brought these to life, and find the printable designs at the end of the post for your own crafting pleasure…

*photos by Nicole Mlakar



The first time I turned on the Sprout, my reaction had the rest of the office in stitches. From the other room, all they could hear was woah! and cool! and OMG! on repeat. Its features were truly unlike anything I’d ever seen! And best of all? This one machine eliminates the need for a scanner or any photo editing software, as that can all be done using the touch-sensitive project mat.


I wanted the background of the designs to be textured and interesting, as opposed to just a solid color. After rummaging through our fabric and paper collection, I landed on a pack of tissue paper in all my favorite pastel shades. The sheets were crumpled up and wrinkled, perfect for capturing using the Sprout and using as the design background. Plus, once an item as been captured, it lives in your image library forever, so you can use and reuse it on all sorts of future projects.


Next was the produce. We captured some whole, and some sliced, and though the oranges were juicy, we were able to easily wipe the mat clean.


… we then tweaked the design until it was just right. Using your hands is such an intuitive way to move things around and control your design!


We printed each design onto regular white paper using our laser printer, then cut them down to a size that perfectly wrapped around our chocolate bars.


Didn’t they turn out great?! I passed them out to friends, and they were all so impressed that the design was created using real life produce (not to mention, thrilled to receive the delicious gift of a chocolate bar!)

Download the printable wraps here!

orange pattern; lime pattern; pineapple pattern