Queen of Hearts

By Chanel Dror

queen of hearts valentine's day inspiration

While she inspires a most amorous mood board, the original Queen of Hearts is anything but lovely. While some believe that the foul-tempered queen from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a caricature of Queen Victoria, I like to think that she references Queen Margaret of The House of Lancaster. According to the Queen of Hearts’ Wiki page“During the War of the Roses, a red rose was the symbol of the House Lancaster. Their rivals, the House of York, had a white rose for their symbol. The gardeners’ painting the white roses red [in Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland] may be a reference to these two houses.”  Either way, we love the Queen for her decidedly clean palette, her signature punchy aesthetic, and her always manicured garden. And with just two weeks until Valentine’s Day, we’re hoping to channel all of the above.

Hope your February is off to a great start, and in the comments section let us know: do you love a classic red and white, heart-filled color palette for Valentine’s Day? Or would you prefer to see the holiday beheaded altogether?

image sources: queen of hearts card (original source unknown), Queen of Cups oil paintingfive of hearts card, stripes, off center lipstick, Queen Elizabeth I portrait, red arched doorway, red and white dress (original source unknown), jello hearts dessert, whimsical playing card tights, heart lips