Quiz: Which Home Scent is Right for You?

By Jenn Rose Smith

Here at CS, we’re officially obsessed with the idea of a “signature home scent.” All of our favorite hotels have one, and even some of our favorite stores too. Try as we might, we’ve never been able to master the consistent home fragrance. For years we’ve heard rumors that the commercial spaces we admire have special electronic systems that maintain their perfect signature scents, but that sort of technology seemed out of reach. Until now.

Prolitec (the very company that designs and builds those commercial systems) just announced the release of their first-ever home fragrance system this year. Aera is a miniaturized version of the commercial technology — it perfectly diffuses a signature scent throughout your home.

Even better? You can control it all from a nifty smartphone app. From the palm of your hand you can schedule and control the scent effect on one or multiple devices. So there’s really only one hard decision to make: which of Aera‘s six new home scents will be yours?

Since we view scent as an essential part of home design, we’ve designed a fun interior-based quiz for you to discover your fragrance style. Read our profiles below to see which Aera fragrance will compliment your home best:

image from archzine

If you love interiors with…

Dramatic archways

Statement chandeliers and light fixtures

Glossy polished floors

Plenty of indoor plants

A vase of hyacinth

A spotify station based on “Gotan Project”

You’ll love Aera’s “Vibrance” home fragrance. It’s fresh green florals with a hint of pink grapefruit, and amber notes will make your living room feel posh, fresh, and alive — just the way you like it.

image from designclub

If you love interiors with…

Crisp linens

Light wood accents

A bowl of lemons

Sheer curtains

Simple organic patterns

A Gypsy Kings Pandora station

You’re a perfect match for Aera’s “Odyssey” home scent. The fragance has notes of citrus, juniper, and soft woods that will you have daydreaming about planning your next vacation.

image from archilovers

If you love interiors with…

Oversized artwork

Warm modern materials like concrete and wood

Sculptural floral arrangements

Eames chairs

Picture windows

Sleek low furniture

A spotify station based on AIR

You’ll love Aera’s “Zephyr” fragrance with it’s bright and airy profile. Notes of lily of the valley and lotus petals with notes of sandalwood combine for a sophisticated scent to match your serene space.

image from nest studio

If you love interiors with…

Vellum bound books

Velvet pillows

Antique rugs

Simple green floral arrangements

Old hardwood floors

Black and white photos

“Rumours” on an old record player

You’re destined for “Poetry”, Aera’s dreamy and nostalgic home fragrance. Notes of eucalyptus, vetiver, and guaiac wood make this scent perfect your homey, artful space.

image from kelly ferm

If you love interiors with…

Floral fabrics

Whimsical accessories

Fun coffee table books from Anthropologie

A gallery wall of collected art

Antique mirrors

She & Him playing on the radio

You’ll love Aera’s “Curiosity” home scent. Your girly space is a perfect fit for this feminine fragrance with notes of magnolia, lotus flower, and creamy woods. Playful and enchanting, this scent will give your space an inspiring energy.

image from soul pretty

If you love interiors with…

Plush bedding

Low lighting with votive candles

Richly patterned wallpaper and textured curtains

Tassels on the furniture

Formal portraits

Artwork sitting on the ground

A spotify station set to “Mazzy Star”

You’re a perfect match for “Moondance”, Aera’s warm and romantic home scent. Notes of bergamot, iris, and amber will add an extra layer of mystery and warmth to your space.


This post is presented by Aera.