Ready for Summer

By Chanel Dror
inspired by watermelon

inspired by watermelon

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t it a little premature for watermelon?” Well if you’d just tasted the sweet, juicy melon we brought home from the grocery store yesterday, you’d be feeling inspired too. It only took two bites for me to be transported — childhood summers spent on the beaches of Tel Aviv, Cinco de Mayo fiestas with friends, and Fourth of July at sleep away camp. Cue that same giddy feeling I get this time each year, when long, carefree days in the sun are so close I can practically taste them. For anyone else on my level, hang in there. Summer’s almost here.

image sources: diving (original source unknown); striped quilt; watermelons; watermelons in crates; leaf pattern; red outfit; watermelon envelope; number one; beach lounging (original source unknown); watermelon and lime