Romeo + Juliet Costumes

By Jenn Rose Smith
DIY Romeo + Juliet Costumes

Okay, so Camille and I are especially obsessed with Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet. We’re close enough in age to where it hit us both at just at the right time to be crazy in love with baby Leo. Teen heartthrobs aside, this movie still slays with it’s killer soundtrack and amazing visuals. We pretty much HAD to have our favorite cool couple, Dagny and Taylor of shdw studios, model as the star crossed lovers. This costume ended up being so easy to put together, and a great addition to our collection of Couple’s Costume Ideas here on the blog. Scroll down to see how we re-created Claire and Leo’s costumes from the movie, and be sure to check out our other Cult Classic Costume Ideas here!

photographed by kristen kilpatrick

I picked up a great pair of angel wings from my local craft store (similar available here) for Juliet. For Romeo, I needed to find the perfect vintage Hawaiian shirt which I scored on eBay for around $15 (similar available here). I paired the Hawaiian shirt with this awesome flaming heart tee.

For this particular costume, I thought it would be fun to do a little set dressing for the shoot. I rounded up a bunch of Camille’s vintage brass candlesticks and picked up some roses on my way to the office.

Dagny and Taylor totally transformed when they put on their costumes!

Dagny brought her own amazing white dress and once she put on her wings she was totally channeling Claire Danes.

I even had them strike the pose that’s on the cover of my worn-out dvd.

Some of my favorite details of this costume are the necklaces I found for Taylor and Dagny to wear. Hers is a silver cross on a ball-chain necklace, and his is a dog-tag collar that we had custom engraved with the phrase “a rose is a rose”.

Even teen Leo doesn’t have anything on Taylor, who is a crazy talented professional model and stylist.

This costume ended up being super inexpensive and easy to put together. So grab your nearest Romeo (or Juliet) and fall in love this Halloween!