Romy and Michele Costumes

By Jenn Rose Smith
DIY Romy and Michele Costumes

When we were brainstorming this year’s collection of Cult Classic Costume Ideas, Chanel brought up this little 90’s gem and everyone was instantly on board. Even though Kristen Kilpatrick was slated to shoot the story, we pretty much had to have her model alongside our resident fitness expert Marnie Duncan of Mod Fitness. So she set the camera up for us and we shot away! Together, they were the perfect pair to model this fun duo costume that makes for a great addition to our archive of  Couple’s Costume Ideas. This ended up being one of the most ambitious DIYs costumes we’ve ever made from scratch, but we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Read on to discover how you can make your own Romy and Michelle costumes and totally win Halloween this year. #weinventedpostits

photographed by kristen kilpatrick and team cs

In the spirit of Romy and Michele themselves, we decided to make our own dresses! I bought a vintage 90’s pattern on eBay (when buying vintage patterns, always make sure they are uncut) and headed out to the fabric store to find the most garish fabric available.

The dresses really came together, thanks to a little faux malibu feather trim! I also found the perfect shoes from Target’s new Who What Wear line. Romy’s in pink and Michele’s in silver!

Kristen looked so cute as Romy, and the name tag is a must for this costume!

Marnie was perfect as Michele, and we decked her out with an amazing 90s crystal choker and bangle bracelets.

These girls were IN character, and it was the seriously the silliest and move fun shoot day in our new studio!

How lucky is it that we just happened to know two 6 foot tall blonde glamazons?

The girls strike a classic pose from the movie. Nailed it!

Of course this costume would NOT be complete without one last touch… a pad of post-its! Grab your bestie and take on this DIY Halloween costume if you dare. If you’re not up for sewing your dresses, you could always scour a vintage shop for a few Romy and Michele-esque looks and then accessorize them from there. Happy Halloween!