Today’s Valentine’s Day DIY project is a polarizing one. I imagine our readers are split into two camps: those who read the post title and instantly cringe, and those who think, “Aww, perfect for my foodie friends!” As you might guess, I’m part of the latter. When I think of canned sardines and anchovies, my mind is filled with countless savory culinary opportunities… and of course, a slew of valentine-esque puns…

*photography by Molly Winters

Step 1 is simple: Print onto card stock paper and cut out these cheeky tags. Then use a small hole punch to poke a hole into the “peak” of the heart.

Step 2: Cut a small piece of black and white baker’s twine, then use it to tie the tag onto the tab of the sardine tin. That’s it!

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Chanel Dror