By Chanel Dror
inspired by spots in nature

inspired by spots in nature

It’s been a while since we posted a mood board as part of our Monochromatic Monday series, but since 2016 has us wide-eyed and hungry for inspiration, we thought now would be the perfect time to share a motif we’re loving: spots. You can’t beat the patterns found in nature, so in lieu of a classic, symmetrical polka dot, I love the natural, imperfect spots found on dalmatians and cheetahs. Black, white and beige, spotted animal prints are the perfect way to make your neutrals just a tad more interesting, and something about the motif feels a little retro, don’t you think? Hope all your weeks are off to a wild start, and below, see some of the spotted products I’m loving right now.

image sources: spot motif (original source unknown); fur coat; leopardsdalmatian puppy (original source unknown); paws over face; matching mom & daughter; spotted paws; walking the dog