DIY Synchronized Swimmers Group Costume

By Laura Dominguez
Best Group Costume Idea EVER. Synchronized Swimmers!

Along with the conclusion of the Summer olympics also came the withdrawals associated with having to wait another four years until cheering on our favorite athletes again. One of our favorite summer sports to watch this year was synchronized swimming. A sport which in the past several years has transformed from relaxed routines to a rather intense form of underwater gymnastics. We decided to leave the intense routines to the professionals, and instead drew inspiration from their fabulous costumes. Make sure to practice a couple of synchronized poses beforehand as people will surely be asking for your pictures all night!

photographed by kate lesueur at shdw studios


We decided to keep it simple and classic with vintage black one pieces.


From the beginning we envisioned retro bubble swim caps complete with a buckled chin strap and cute flowers. To bring this vision to life we started off with plain white caps and then sewed on a few fabric flowers along the front edges. We actually purchased faux hydrangeas from a local craft store, then sewed on the individual blossoms to the hats using a tiny pink bead to secure each flower. Voila! Retro swim caps for less than $10 a piece.

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