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By now, you may have heard that we recently moved into our new studio. The renovation was a total labor of love, so much so that at times, the idea of actually moving in felt like a distant dream. That’s why when it finally came time to add artwork to the walls, we couldn’t help but pinch ourselves. It was the very final touch needed to finish the space, and with the help of Twyla, we were able to land on some super high quality pieces that truly pop against our all-white space.

pictured above: Chianti Pop Yellow by Guy Dill

We didn’t have time to search high and low for just the right piece, but Twyla‘s free advising and their renderings showing art in a real life environment enabled us to feel confident in our selections.

pictured here: Grounding by Carolanna Parlato

pictured here: Chianti Pop Green by Guy Dill

video by Eve Tarlo and crew

photography by Kristen Kilpatrick

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