“The Dress” Partner Costume

By Chanel Dror
"The Dress" Costume DIY | Camille Styles

"The Dress" Costume DIY | Camille Styles

It was the biggest viral phenomenon of 2015, meaning it’s just begging for an homage this Halloween. I’ll never forget the moment my brother showed me a photo of a dress and asked what colors I saw (team #whiteandgold, by the way)… thirty minutes later, the internet had lost its collective mind over this thing. I mean, there’s an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the madness.

Still pulling your hair out trying to understand how anyone could possibly see blue-and-black? Pick a side and own it by partnering with your bestie to bring this controversial meme — or simply, The Dress — to life. Just prepare to get everyone at your Halloween party talking and begging for photo ops!

"The Dress" Costume DIY | Camille Styles


Though the original dress sold out almost instantly, recreating your own version requires minimal crafting effort. We grabbed two cotton spandex mini dresses from American Apparel — one in blue, and one in white — and then embellished them to mimic the lace pattern seen on the famous dress. I grabbed 5 yards each of one wide lace and one skinny lace, in both black and gold, then measured, cut and secured the strips in place using fabric glue (note: 5 yards is enough to cover just the front of the dress.) 

"The Dress" Costume DIY | Camille Styles


You don’t need much more than complementary high heels to tie this look together. Camille and I both grabbed our most comfy pairs of black pumps, wore our hair parted down the middle to match, et voila! The easiest, most hilarious partner Halloween costume.

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*photographed by jessica attie