We love Emily Henderson not just for creating spaces we want to live in, but also for being one of the friendliest voices in design. Her candid, willing-to-spill everything personality makes following Emily’s work fun. So when we asked the designer to predict what’s next for 2020, she didn’t disappoint with sharing a few of the daring trends she’s incorporating into her work.

“More than ever there’s a real movement towards updating what has been classically considered ‘ugly’ or really ‘outdated’ — and I’m here for it,” says Emily. “I’m mostly just happy to see that 2020 is already embracing color and pattern. Despite how much I love my neutral mountain house, I’m ready for something bold and different.” 

Scroll down to discover the top interior trends Emily’s excited for in 2020, and get inspired to bring some fresh ideas into your space for the year ahead.

design by emily henderson, photo by sara ligorria tramp

photo by laure joliet

Bulky Framed Pine Furniture

“Think the pine basement furniture of the ‘70s but incredibly cool. It’s all about a clean, modern shape for it to feel very 2020. And yes just a little lacquer is good.”

design by emily henderson, photo by sara ligorria tramp

Cobalt Blue

“This electric blue started to come on the scene with the explosion of postmodern design last year but will be one of the colors to define 2020. We love it in small doses like a vase or an accent table. It’s a fun and easy way to bring that jolt of energy to your space you’ve been looking for.”

photo by heidi caillier design

Modern Granny Chic

“This trend is popping up everywhere. Think of an English grandmother’s house but way cooler. It’s floral everything, ruffle skirted accents but paired with modern accents.”

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