6 Tips for Decking Out Your Dream Craft Room

By Chanel Dror

featured image from georgia and willey

Editor’s note: Earlier this month we shared a first look at our new studio renovation (eek!). Fast forward a few weeks, and we’re glad to report that our little construction project is trucking right along. In our initial reveal, we briefly touched on the amazing built-in craft storage that California Closets is helping us create, but today we’re digging a little deeper to talk about all things organization as they pertain to building out an ideal work space. For us, this area needs to be super functional, but also crisp and clean enough to foster lots of inspiration. Jill Siegel, Creative Director of California Closets Texas Hill Country is joining us today to talk it out…

From Jill: Creativity is an important aspect of our lives. We flourish through creative expression, and by nurturing it, we can also increase our happiness. It’s proven that being creative will make you feel better, and having a dedicated creative space that is personal and joyful to is key! Keep reading for our pro tips at how to create your own artistic haven, both at home or in the work place…

photo from avenue lifestyle

We’re ready for something more interesting than our existing bulletin board. What are some unexpected ways to display artwork and inspiration?

CC: Floating shelves are great for creating a minimalistic display space almost anywhere. Also, hanging art on a bookcase’s vertical partitions is a great use of space and creates interest. For tiny items and trinkets, we appreciate a re-purposed wooden printer’s tray.

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So many of us have creative hobbies, with very little space to enjoy them. What’s the best way to make a small space work?

CC: The key will be organization. Rather than just beginning to stash things and storing them without thought, spend some time planning your space so it meets your needs but also efficiently organizes your specific items. Also, prioritize your supplies so you never have too much inventory.

What are the items necessary to build out a fully functioning home craft area? 

CC: I would say you need two things – a dedicated space in which to work, and a box of crafting fun that includes:

  • various types of paper and markers
  • colored pencils
  • sharpies
  • washable paint
  • stamps, stickers and washi tape

photo from avenue lifestyle

When planning out a space, which types of storage tend to work for different materials and supplies?

  • Cabinets — Clutter and unattractive items
  • Drawers — Small items like pens, pencils, stamps, tape, and glue.
  • Large drawers — Papers in file folders
  • Open shelving — Books and decorative items
  • Cubbies —  Medium-sized stacked items, like stationery, or baskets that serve as catch-alls
  • Hooks — Odd shaped large items that don’t fit well on a shelf, like handbags.

What’s the most common mistake you see in home organization?

CC: First and foremost, your space needs to function ergonomically so that it feels good. The most common mistake we see is a piecemeal system that does not work well to accommodate the artistic activity.

Also, nothing is as detrimental as having clutter due to the complete lack of an organizational system altogether. Clutter makes your space less inspiring, more stressful and will reduce focus.

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The number one rule to keep in mind when creating a creative space. Go!

CC: An ample and clear countertop is key. How much depth and length do you actually need? Do you prefer to stand or sit? Or both? Create a workspace that works for you!

For creative individuals and families, having a dedicated craft workspace within the home is a must-have. There can be something for everyone in these spaces from sewing to painting to wrapping presents or making cards. Creating often entails a lot of ‘stuff’ so having an organized and designed place to craft can result in one of the favorite rooms in the house! By dedicating space to cultivate and tap into our creative energy we can actually increases our overall well being as research suggests creative people are actually happier than everyone else.

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