One gal I can always count on to deliver chic, European-inspired interiors inspo is San Francisco-based lifestyle and design blogger, Ashley Kane. After following her on social and routinely checking out her blog (previously Brunch on Chestnut, now Ashley Kane) for years, I can safely say she’s become one of my main go-tos for well, just about all my favorite things in life. From tips on collecting a perfectly curated home, to delicious red wine recs and timeless wardrobe staples, Ashley has her pulse on all good things home and style, while still remaining true to her love of clean lines, minimalism, and taking inspiration from nature.

And when it comes to design, Ashley’s spaces and unique sense of warm-minimalist style can be spotted from a mile away.

After leaving her content marketing office job in 2016, she jumped head first into the full-time blogging world and has since developed a platform that embodies the perfect mix of California-cool and Italian Riviera charm. 

In addition to her amazing eye and knack for finding all the best designer finds on sale, we love that she connects with her audience in a genuine way that makes you feel like you’re one text away from eating pizza on the couch together with a bottle of Pinot. She’s the cool big sister that gives great advice– it’s no wonder her cult-like audience coined the phase #Kaned and regularly share it on social when influenced or inspired. 

For anyone looking to channel a more intentional, ‘less is more’ kind of attitude, Ashley serves up an important lesson in living with what you love, and gives us a tour through her home that proves especially inspiring for those living in small spaces. Her apartment is filled with the same laid back simplicity with which she lives life — and a few personal touches that prove it’s a well-loved home.

Scroll on for a peek inside the chic designer’s Cow Hollow apartment, where 100 percent of the pieces are “so Ashley Kane.”

Tell us about your home.

I live in San Francisco with my husband Matt and our 4 year old labradoodle, Scout. We found our 1 bedroom Cow Hollow apartment on Craigslist 2.5 years ago. We really lucked out—the location and charm spoke to us, and having updated bathrooms/kitchen was some kind of magic—that doesn’t come often in this city!

Describe your space in 5 words or less:

Thoughtfully collected, charming, effortless, cozy.

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What’s your favorite spot in the apartment?

We spend the most time in our living room—it’s definitely the heart of our space.

What’s your favorite way to spend time at home?

My husband and I have a tradition of ordering pizza and opening a nice wine club bottle on Friday nights—we look forward to it every week!

I have an obsession with fresh flowers and greenery peppered throughout our home at all times (I cannot wait to have a garden someday!), candles lit in the evenings, and music on!

Pre-pandemic life, I loved hosting girlfriends over weekly (I miss that!). Our space is small but it definitely has *a vibe* and brings so much comfort and happiness!

What was the design inspiration for your space?

Since it’s small and we knew our next step would be to buy a home, we’ve carefully collected things that are beautiful, versatile, and know we will be excited to bring with us down the road when we move. I always lean more toward a neutral foundation and then bring it to life with the details; textiles, plants, collected treasures. I collect visually striking glassware (mainly vintage vases and little trays) and I have a major obsession with charming and unique lighting! I am essentially hoarding vintage lamps at this stage for our future home…

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How did San Francisco play into your design inspiration?

Since I can remember, I’ve always been strongly influenced by European interiors/architecture. I’m really drawn to french and mediterranean styles sitting happily alongside each other, so living in a victorian style space has given us room to build off of the vibe we hope to see in a future space. Our apartment has high ceilings, lush linen curtains that kiss our dark hardwood floors, an arch floor mirror to give the allusion of an archway (french archway doors through a home is my dream), and plaster lighting and accents. I have lived in a handful of apartments over the 11 years I’ve lived in the city and only opted to live in those with immense charm.

On another note, I recently bought a linen headboard with a fun shape, and after ordering it and waiting for its arrival, I kept noticing the same shape on so many entry facades in the city. So, I do think I subconsciously take style cues from San Francisco in that sense as well!

Who are your dream house guests? And, what are you eating, drinking, listening to?

Taylor Swift, Chrissy Tiegen, and Kristen Wiig—what a fun night that would be! My faves. Italian shared plates and delicious red wine would be on the menu with my garden party playlist in the background.

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What has been your biggest design challenge for the space?

We have officially outgrown our storage capacity a year or so ago, so getting crafty with hiding odds and ends has been my biggest challenge. Clutter is not my jam!

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What’s your number one interior design tip?

It’s important to put things together slowly and well. I would rather one beautiful thing in a room than filling the space for the sake of it. Designing a home should be an always-evolving project… there’s no rush!

And on that same note, what are your top design tips for those that are living in apartments or small spaces? 

Carefully curate things you collect. Since we have no more room for additional furniture at this point, I like to get lost in the magic of each and every detail… even my q-tip holder makes me happy!

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What are your favorite design resources?

I collect design books and subscribe to a few magazines (Architectural Digest Spain, Cabana, and World of Interiors give me life) that I look forward to sifting through on a regular basis. I always take away amazing ideas and tips from them, and learn about so many beautiful brands, architects, designers, and all kinds of makers. I reference them often when I am feeling inspired to refresh things around our home.

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Favorite places to shop for furniture and decor:

1stDibs, Etsy, eBay, Live Auctioneers, Fehn Store, South Loop Loft, and estate sales for vintage and antique pieces. A few favorite brands off the top of my head: Nickey Kehoe, Armadillo & Co, One Kings Lane, Anyon Atelier, McGee & Co, fferrone design, and Louise Roe.

A well-designed home should be a reflection of what lights you up.

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What does the fall season look like at your apartment?

I like to up my ante a bit with ambiance and mood come fall. Way more candles lit, decadent blankets on display, autumnal blooms, and moody music on our record player.

Tell us about Ashley Kane — your site, IG, brand, etc. all have the most beautiful aesthetic!

Thank you! That’s so nice! I started blogging in high school as a creative outlet—it was a mixture of collecting inspiration while feeding my curiosities with graphic design and things going digital! It was a hobby that just stuck with me for more than half my life now.

To make living itself an art is my philosophy and how I describe my perpetual drive to live with intention. My content aims to be an inspiring reminder that life is about enjoyment.

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with great branding, so fine-tuning my own style and brand is a perpetual evolution. I am constantly honing in on and running with what drives and inspires me, which has led me to dial into my unique perspective and purpose.

What do you envision for the brand in the future? I can so perfectly envision an A Kane home shop on the horizon! 

I have big dreams and plans in the pipeline! My readers have encouraged a few ideas and I’m excited to continue to work towards bringing them to life.

One thing I can share now is that I love sourcing beautiful and unique vintage so down the road, one thing I have my heart set on is to open a studio/shop that serves as an office space for myself to meet with interior consulting clients, as well as a place people can come in and shop my finds.

As I said, your home should endlessly evolve and there’s just so much beauty in the world to discover/collect and that endlessly inspires me. I think that notion will stick with me forever.

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