When we had our first shoot day with director Eve Tarlo back in January, I couldn’t wait to work on this assignment. While Camille and Chanel were busy in the kitchen, I was in the studio getting my hands dirty with calligraphy ink. My mission: create a dreamy valentines story using three great quotes on love. Apart from being a seasonal “theme” in February, I actually feel that love is one of the most worthwhile topics there is to think about, and these three quotes are sure to inspire deeper reflection. Love is also something that runs very strong in the community we have on this site. So thank you, our lovely readers, for inspiring us to create everyday and for sharing your passion and ideas with us in the comments both here and on instagram. We hope you will enjoy this video and the three free printables below (which fit conveniently inside of an A9 envelope). Happy Valentine’s from Team CS. xoxo

photograph by kristen kilpatrick

Download our “it was always you” printable template here.

Download our “but for those who love…” printable template here.

Download our “everything is clearer” printable template here.

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