Velvet Crush

By Jenn Rose Smith
Velvet Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Velvet Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

There’s an old saying that if you were old enough to participate in a trend the first time around, you shouldn’t wear it when it comes back. By that adage, I probably shouldn’t indulge in a burgundy velvet bodysuit this fall… That said, rules were made to be broken and I’m crushing HARD on velvet right now. It’s just the richest, most decadent fabric that’s always said “rock and roll” to me. I’ve already dressed my bedroom up with a set of custom peach velvet drapes, and I just found the sweetest Etsy deal ever on a 1920s velvet opera coat. The rich fabric looks amazing in classic jewel tones like teal, emerald, and dark ruby. There’s no easier way to dress up a room (or an outfit) than with a touch of velvet. Even a simple velvet ribbon can completely transform a plain invitation or wrapped box into something very special. And I will say, Free People has some pretty sick velvet pieces right now so I’m probably not going to hold back. My defense? Velvet isn’t a trend. It’s forever.

image sources: dress from tutu du monde, merlot velvet slippers by serena cevenini, canopy bed via pinterest, alexander note with velvet ribbon via shoshanna, blue velvet ribbon via kissing acidic honey, velvet suit by topshop, white dress by nellystella, velvet sofa via pinterest, girl in blue room via pinterest, blue velvet robe by toast uk