Washed Out

By Jenn Rose Smith
All White Mood Board

All White Mood Board

When I was fresh out of school and working in advertising one of my mentors asked me, “Do you know what dates a logo more than anything else?” “Um…. the typeface?” I guessed hopefully. “No,” he said with a smile. “It’s color.” He went on to explain that we link very specific hues to different time periods: avocado green to the 70s, hunter green to the 90s, pale dusty pink to right now. Color itself is one of the trendiest elements in visual design, so it’s easy to see how we’re endlessly enticed by the freshest new hues in fashion and interiors. That said, I’ve noticed a pattern when scrolling through my pinterest boards. Over time, my taste has become more and more colorless. There’s just something so fresh and timeless about a white-washed room… I’ve even had the crazy thought of painting my hardwood floors completely white. I still have colorful posters all over my house, but I’m toying with the idea of doing an artwork overhaul featuring more muted tones. What do you think? Could you live in an all white space?


image sources: seascape by sharon rowan, fireplace and flower by eleanor pendleton, knotted strappy dress from zara, 501s image from jenni kayne, shelves with cups and dishes via biacno design, white washed wood texture from kokoroyuki, coconuts and image of dining table from villa palmier,  white cross poster and tropical leaf poster from lila and lola, painting of legs in water by joseph moncada juaneda, styled white shelves by brittany ambridge