Whispering Angel Costume

By Jenn Rose Smith
Whispering Angel DIY Costume

Rosé all day! Whispering Angels Halloween Costume!

We already had six other fun group costume concepts going when this goofy idea struck us over (what else?) a bottle of rosé. When we look back on 2016, we’ll undoubtedly remember the pink wine craze and the beloved cheapie bottle that appeared on every wine list across the country. This group costume idea is great for two reasons: your squad will look adorable and you’ll have an amazing excuse to buy an entire case of Whispering Angel.

Whispering Angel DIY Costume

You don’t need much for this clever costume idea — Camille and just so happened to have matching white dresses from BCBG that are like 5 years old. We paired those with white feather wings from the craft store and cute halos purchased on Amazon. We used Camille’s oversized wine goblets and gave ourselves two big pours… #roseallday!

THIS. Whispering Angel Rosé Halloween Costume!

photographed by kate lesueur at shdw studios