Witchy Woman

By Chanel Dror
witchy halloween inspiration

witchy halloween inspiration

Even if Halloween isn’t your thing, it’s pretty hard to deny the aesthetic intrigue of a witchy woman. According to The Eagles, she’s got “raven hair and ruby lips, sparks flying from her fingertips,” but I’d like to think of the modern day version as a cross between Stevie Nicks, Florence Welch and all four leading ladies from The Craft. Her wardrobe is dripping with velvet and lace, her home filled with creepy trinkets and curiosities, and a party at her place happens once a month — on a full moon, of course.

Not sure what you have planned for this year’s Halloween, but how amazing would it be to host a candlelit dinner party for your closest girlfriends in a romantic dark burgundy, black, wood and rusted metal color palette? A gallery wall of broken mirrors could make a terrifying photo backdrop, and you could all don the flowy, feminine garb and dark makeup of your dreams. I’m keeping the idea on the back burner in case we don’t have any other parties pop up between now and the 31st, but I’d love know: How are you all celebrating Halloween this year?

fall table design (original source unknown); Janet Farrar with candle; mirror wall; full moon; cutout dresslighting candles; voodoo props; crystal