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11 Fun Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Pals

Ovaries before brovaries.

By Hannah Zahner

You either love it or hate it. Valentine’s Day tends to be a bit polarizing, especially with all the messaging aimed at those in romantic relationships. And while there’s nothing wrong with chocolate and roses for a significant other, the day is too fun to waste on feeling left out if you aren’t currently coupled up.

In the words of the original Galentine’s queen, Leslie Knope, “Ovaries before brovaries. Uteruses before duderuses.”

Growing up, my mom planned a Valentine’s Day party every year for my siblings and our friends. We crafted, played games, and ate snacks all bursting with the theme of the day: hearts and pink and red and loveee. I think that happy tradition was the reason behind my love of this particular holiday. Through the years, whether I was single or attached, I’ve always seen Valentine’s Day as a special time to think of the lady loves in my life, from my mama to sisters to friends – and celebrate them!

Just because you don’t have a significant other to cuddle up next to doesn’t mean you can’t commemorate a holiday that honors love. Channel your inner Leslie Knope with these eleven fun ideas to celebrate with your girls!

This Bailey's Almande brunch smoothie is perfect

Galentine’s Brunch

Host a day-after Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s brunch! We love the idea of keeping it easy with a potluck style, everyone-brings-something kind of meal. Pair your brunch items with one of these pretty boozy drinks.

outdoor voices, workout, outdoor, leggings

Go on a Hike

Nothing like an afternoon spent outside with some fresh air and belly laughs with your bestie. Bonus points for coordinating outfits and wearing all pink, red and white (the instagram pic will be soo cute).

flowers, chocolate, dessert

Get Crafty

Pick out a craft or two to make, grab some bubbly from the store, order some pizza and you’re set. Here are some fun and easy DIYS to try:

You could also do this with your pals in the days before Valentine’s Day and create handmade cards to send off to the people you love! Set out paper, cardstock, stamps, ink, and heart-shaped stickers and get crafting.

workout, outside, yoga

Get a Good Sweat In

Sign up for a group workout class like barre or SoulCycle & go out for a smoothie date after.

making chocolate covered strawberries

Host a Chocolate Tasting

Think whiskey tasting, but with chocolate. Stop by your grocery store and grab a few fancy chocolate bars. Set them out, do some taste testing and rank your favorites.

dinner party cocktails

Throw a Dinner Party

This is where it’s fun to class it up a bit. Grab some flowers, pull out the candlesticks and have fun crafting a delicious menu. Ask everyone to come early to help cook the meal together!

painting party

Host a Painting Party

You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to have fun with this one. Check out how we threw a Galentine’s Day painting party here.

mother's day flowers

Channel Your Inner Florists

Head to your local grocery store and grab a few bunches of flowers and greenery, plus some brown paper and pretty ribbon and get arranging. At the end of the evening, take home your pretty bouquets or gift them to people in your life who could use a little cheering up, like your neighbor, mail lady or grandma.

Pamper Yourselves

No Galentine’s Day celebration is complete without a little pampering. Invite everyone over for a DIY spa night, or book a pampering sesh with your girls at your fave local spa.

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Have a Movie Night

Sweets, chocolate, wine and a movie. If ever there was a perfect combination that’s it. Check out our favorite Valentine’s Day worthy flicks that make us laugh and renew our hope in love.

Host a Succulent Potting Party

Get your hands a little dirty with a laid back plant potting party. Just grab a variety of pots, a bag of soil, some fun rocks, a handful of succulents and you’re set! Want to make it even more crafty? Buy some fun paints to decorate the pots with before planting the succulents.