This is the Ultimate Oktoberfest Dinner Party

By Carmen Collins
oktoberfest party

You may remember Anna Crelia and Rhoda Brimberry from a couple years back when we interviewed them for our Besties series. Since then, these sisters-in-law turned business partners have been growing Loot Vintage Rentals to become Texas’ largest vintage rental and event styling company. We’ve been lusting after their chic, refurbished finds for years and now (finally!) we can take home some Loot of our own. Next month, Anna and Rhoda are launching a new home goods collection called Loot Finer Goods. Their assortment will feature a mixture of repurposed, new, and handmade items, all of which were designed with Loot’s signature aesthetic in mind. Scroll down to read more about the inspiration behind Anna and Rhoda’s first home goods collection, and see how they throw the ultimate Oktoberfest party!

photography by Wynn Myers

What was your inspiration behind starting Loot Finer Goods? Has creating a home decor line been something you guys have always wanted to do?

Retail has always been in our growth plan, especially after we fell in love with the art of refurbishing vintage furniture frames with one-of-a-kind textiles to give them new life. When we started adding these types of custom designed pieces to our rental collection, we had many requests from clients to purchase them for their home. This idea spurred an entire home goods line which we are proud to offer this fall!

Where did you guys learn to cook?

Anna: In the kitchen with my mom and my Meme.

Rhoda: My dad was the chef supreme in our family. Interestingly enough, we had an indoor rotisserie when I was growing up. The aromas wafting through the house produced some of the best memories.

What’s your go-to source for recipes?

We both have a cookbook with all of our family heritage recipes. It’s a great source for casseroles, side dishes, and Meme’s famous pecan pie!

Current favorite color palette for parties?

Rust, wood, amber… The colors of fall.

What are some of your favorite pieces from the Loot Finer Goods collection?

Highlights of our first collection include a pair of original 1970s Arne Norell leather Kontiki sofas, an original bentwood Thonet cane rocking chair, handmade wall hangings from Genuine & Ginger, and pillows repurposed from vintage African and Turkish textiles. Our one-of-a-kind designs include beautifully upholstered French and Danish furniture, African mud cloth, and antique flax sheets.

We are also proud to offer custom made tables using vintage German gym mats and locally fabricated metal bases. Found items will include one-of-a-kind Turkish rugs, antique Chinese school benches, refurbished biergarten tables and benches, and orchard ladders. The shop will also include a carefully curated selection of new items such as macrame curtains, teak tables, woven pendant lighting, and blankets.

What are your standard hostess outfits?

Anna: Jeans and a flowy top or a breezy dress. And flat shoes (or none at all).

Rhoda: Wrap dress, apron, no shoes. We like to feel informal and encourage our guests to relax.

Your go-to centerpiece solution?

We are highly skilled at foraging from the backyard. Paired with taper candles, it is a beautiful and very simple centerpiece solution.

What’s your signature dish for parties?

Rhoda is known for her crispy bacon brussel sprouts. Anna is usually asked to bring a quart of her homemade ice cream.

It’s not a party without ______.

Laughter and not taking yourself too seriously.

Brimberry Brats


  • 6 bratwurst
  • 2-3 large onions
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 beer

Julienne onions and saute in butter with garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add beer and bring to a slow boil. Add bratwurst (if desired, grill beforehand for texture) and simmer until cooked through. Serve brats with reduced onion sauce.

What scares you about entertaining?

Good question… We struggle with being the center of attention so if asked to give a toast, we might need an extra drink!

The perfect dinner party playlist includes:

It’s always a mixture of old and new. From Bing Crosby, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills and Nash, Fleetwood Mac, and John Prine; to newer favorites like The XX, Shaky Graves, Shiny Ribs, Bon Iver, Lana Del Ray, and The Borns.

When designing the first collection for Loot Finer Goods, did you focus more on tabletop and decor pieces or furniture?

We will be selling a mixture of found, refurbished, new, and handmade offerings for the home. We focused on statement pieces for this collection, but plan on adding more small pieces in future collections.

What’s your must-have entertaining tool?

We typically entertain with families, so we make sure to always have some kids’ games on the ready and kid-friendly dish ware.

What would we never find at one of your parties?

Solo cups.

Favorite tabletop item you own?

Anna: My Meme’s dishes.

Rhoda: My grandmother’s wedding China. They are the boldest color of cobalt blue even after 80 years!

Who are your dream dinner guests?

Jimmy Fallon and his lip syncing talent. Ellen DeGeneres and her dance moves. Shaky Graves and his guitar. Chelsea Handler and her off-the-wall antics. Zach Galifinakis and his ferns. Christopher Guest and some Spinal Tap quotes. And Mark Cuban and his wicked smarts.

What’s always in your refrigerator?

Anna always has Trader Joe’s Spicy Jalapeño Limeade. It makes for a great last minute cocktail or just a refreshing summer treat! Rhoda’s husband’s “pickley” is always available too — a recipe of cabbage, habanero, and vinegar; it’s the perfect addition to sandwiches, salads, or even on its own.

The taste you’re always craving?

Anna: I never tire of Mexican food — the signature spices, avocado, fresh limes, pico de gallo, all the good stuff!

Rhoda: It’s hard for me to pass by an authentic deli without stopping in. Anyplace with homemade pickles, lox, and fresh bagels are favorites of mine.

What’s your signature cocktail?

Anna: Anything in a martini glass! In the summertime, I love making fresh watermelon martinis and it always makes my guests feel super special.

Rhoda: I’m not really a cocktail girl, but we always have a vintage trough of iced beers available. I always go for the hefeweizen with an orange slice.

The restaurant meal you’ll never forget?

Rhoda: I will never forget one of the happiest evenings of my life when my family surprised me with a 40th birthday dinner party at La Condesa. Anna styled the table beautifully and all of my favorite people came, even my dad from out of town. Then we topped the night with karaoke!

The entertaining rule you never break?

Always have a drink on hand. Whether it be cold Topo Chicos served in a bucket of ice or a carafe of a signature cocktail.

Secret to a great dinner party?

Smaller parties allow for more intimate conversations and lasting friendships.

Would you ever consider opening a brick and mortar store for Loot Finer Goods?

A brick and mortar would be dreamy! It’s important for us to make sure we continue to provide the highest quality customer service and products in both our rental and retail line, so it’s important that we grow slow and steady that way we can remain strong in our offerings.

When will the first collection be available for people to shop?

Our website launches September 5th. People can peruse items on there, or stop by our rental showroom to see some of the items on display and purchase on site. Local pickup and delivery is available, as well as shipping. All items will be found on We can’t wait!

Your entertaining style in five words or less?

Simple, authentic, pretty, casual, and fun.

Do you reference any family traditions when you entertain?

It’s more of a feeling than a “tradition.” We try to keep it as warm and inviting as possible. Anna remembers her parents always having a pot of decaf after dinner, lingering conversations, and picks of a guitar until the wee hours. They never rushed their guests out after eating, but made them feel comfortable as if they were in their own home. We try to pass that feeling onto our own guests when entertaining. Rhoda’s husband Matt is finely skilled at creating a cheese and fruit board for after dinner to help the festivities along.

Favorite after dinner activity or game?

Cards. We love a good game of Texas Hold ‘Em or Settlers of Catan. If the crowd is right, Cards Against Humanity will have us in stitches.