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10 Motivating Quotes for When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Raise your hand if “get in shape” (or something along those lines) is one of your new year’s resolutions. This year, after being completely inspired by Jenn’s health kick, I decided not to wait until January 1st to start kickstart my 2018 goals. My healthy routine over the last couple of months has consisted of […]

Simple Holiday Cocktails With Simone LeBlanc

Choosing the perfect gifts for friends and family can be a challenge, especially when you’re shopping for those tough-to-buy for people on your list (we’ve all got ’em.) But if there’s one LA gal who’s got the art of the gift down pat, it’s Simone LeBlanc, one of the chicest women we know whose namesake […]

Up Your iPhone Photography Game With These 5 Tips

We’ve all been there before. There’s a beautiful sunset right outside your window, or all your friends are finally together and you have to get a group pic, but then you’re disappointed when the photos you take on your phone never turn out quite like you thought they would. It’s no wonder our standards are […]

Sunday Meatballs

Check out the full story here: Entertaining With Half Baked Harvest! From Tieghan: My brother Creighton is the most meat-loving human I know. Without a doubt, one of his favorite meals on earth is one Nonnie’s meatloaf. I kid you not, he talks about this meatloaf all the time. Fortunately, I know exactly why it’s […]

Creamy Polenta with Garlic-Butter Kale & Mushhrooms

Check out the full story here: Entertaining With Half Baked Harvest! From Tieghan: This recipe is for one giant bowl of comfort. I like to call it the single girl’s dinner: It’s Friday night and you have no plans, so you make a pot of polenta, cook up some kale in garlic butter, throw on […]

How To Flower Bomb Your Friend On Her Birthday

Ever heard of flower bombing someone? It’s basically when you make a room look like a flower explosion happened, using tons and tons of blooms to create a massive installation — we’re talking total flower overload. And trust us, it’s just as beautiful as it sounds! Caroline’s birthday was last week, so we teamed up […]

Molten Chocolate Cakes with Whipped Vanilla Mascarpone

Editor’s Note: Today’s recipe comes to us from Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest. If you’re into food as much as we are, chances are that your Pinterest boards are filled with recipes from her site. Next week, we’ll be sharing a story and photos from a holiday dinner party from Tieghan’s Colorado home, but we […]

Do You Have To Go Home For The Holidays?

This week officially kicks off the holiday season, and here at the office, our conversation has inevitably turned to everyone’s plans for celebrating. Some of us are headed off to large family-filled festivities that revolve around one epic meal, while others are taking the time off work to relax and get ready for the new […]

Why Mustard is the New Shade for Millennials

We love millennial pink as much as the next girl, but after a couple years of looking at everything through a blush colored lens, we’re ready for a new color to reign supreme. And with fall slowly but surely sneaking up on us, we’ve found ourselves favoring richer tones to keep us feeling cozy. Although […]

This Dinner Party is Giving Us All the Coastal Vibes

Cities like New York and Los Angeles are filled with stylish creatives, but it takes a certain perspective to leave the fast pace of the cities behind for considerably quieter Rhode Island. That’s exactly what Jess Ann Kirby and her boyfriend Craig did after five years of bouncing back and forth between those two cities. […]

20 Cute Mugs To Fuel Your Pumpkin Spice Latté Addiction

If you’ve been following our Insta stories, you know that this was our first week working in the new studio! As we work on the finishing touches (art, plants, coffee table styling), we’ve been searching for the prettiest functional dishes to deck out our open kitchen shelving. Since our team goes through minimum six cups of coffee or tea a […]