We Want to Party with Sakara Life’s Whitney and Danielle

By Alison Engstrom
Entertaining with Sakara -- Spicy Rosarita Cocktail

Filling your body with healthy and nutritious food is essential for a life well-lived, which is why I love meeting people that share the same philosophy.  Whitney and Danielle, started Sakara Life, a plant-based organic delivery service that makes eating delicious food that will fuel the body and the mind incredibly easy – all with the click of a button.  Not only do they offer satisfying meals (available for delivery nationwide), but they stock a wide variety of healthy snack options and drinks in their Clean Boutique, like their Beauty Water that is laced with rose oil and trace minerals that can boost metabolism. Together, they both share an inspiring and holistic approach to healthy living centered around the idea that what you put in your body should make you look and feel amazing.  When they invited us into their sun-filtered SOHO studio, we jumped at the chance to see their essential elements for throwing a memorable dinner party – costumes included!

Our must-have entertaining tool:

A great cocktail and a rose gold shaker! A fancy-looking cocktail goes a long way when entertaining. But if you’re preparing the meal, you don’t want to have to stress over drinks. We always keep our Beauty Water Cocktail Mix handy. Pour over ice, add a shot of vodka and a splash of soda, throw in a couple of raspberries and a sprig of mint and your guests will think you’re a professional mixologist. 

The entertaining rule we rarely break:

Not taking anything too seriously. What’s worse than making a mistake or serving something that’s not completely perfect is a hostess who is stressing out over every detail. It’s important to bring warm, relaxed, loving energy into the night!

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What scares you about entertaining?

Running out of food! There should always be enough to go around…and around and around. 

My signature entertaining dish:

We always, always make sure that there are greens on the table, so that you can balance out the other maybe-not-so-healthy things your soul is asking for. A good kale salad that has gotten a nice love massage can go a long way, regardless of the type of party. (Did you know you’re supposed to massage your kale to make it more tender? A little olive oil, Himalayan salt and lemon juice does the trick.)

The taste we’re always craving:

Dark chocolate! We love chocolate so much that we even made a Dark Chocolate Granola so that we could have it for breakfast. Great to serve if you’re hosting a brunch! 

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Always in our refrigerator:

Lots of fresh greens, homemade nut milk and Sakara Life Night Water, which is actually the most amazing pre-hangover cure if you drink one before going to bed, so definitely a must when entertaining….

The restaurant meal l’ll never forget:

Dinner at the Beach Plum in Martha’s Vineyard. We went there with a group of friends who knew the chef. We tried almost everything on the menu, which is farm-(or sea)-to-table. The meals are clean and elegantly simple, allowing the fresh ingredients to shine. The kale, fennel and seaweed salad is so unique and features ingredients that we would never typically combine, yet work well together while you’re sitting overlooking the ocean.

Secret to a great dinner party:

Candlelight, a sexy playlist, a stocked bar and a menu that definitely includes every color of the rainbow. Add some costumes for people to wear, and now you have an AMAZING dinner party.

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Current favorite color palette for parties:

Sakara is very white and gold, so that the food can really be the star of the show, and that’s our favorite palette for entertaining too! So elegant.

Standard host / hostess outfit:

Standard outfit can change (a jumpsuit, wild vintage skirt, a nice wide -egged pant with a crop top, etc.), but we always always always wear heels. Platforms and thicker heels are best for dancing in!

Our dream dinner guests:

Oprah! She’s always been an inspiration to us, but we met her this year and fell for her even harder. And what better way to show your love than by cooking for someone?!

Our entertaining style in 5 words or less:

Soulful, sexy and abundant.