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A Sunset Dinner Party with Austin’s Hippest Girl Gang

May 8th, 2018

photos by hannah haston

You’re given an address. You arrive at a warehouse, walk in the door and wait with a group of strangers, all curious about what lies behind the entryway. You’re soon taken on a journey that carries you from learning about the history of the space to the background of the person next to you to the culinary adventure that lies ahead. At this point, you decide you’re not leaving any time soon. You grab a cocktail, have meaningful conversations with your new friends, and set your attention on finding your name card at the 40-foot dinner table. There’s a musician setting the tone with intoxicating sounds, an artist telling you the story behind his work hanging on the wall behind you, and a feeling behind every detail of this experience that somehow ties it all together and lingers with you long after leaving.

This is what FosterATX is all about: curating intimate gatherings that engage you with interesting people and the town you call home. Their gatherings provide a setting to not only meet new friends, but also local chefs, musicians, and artists that are pursuing their passions and sharing them with you. Of course, we were curious to see what a dinner party would look like in co-founders Stephanie, Shelby and Sara’s own home, and it’s no surprise that we were in for a treat. Scroll on to read about their story and their favorite ways to make every guest feel right at home.

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  1. Justine says:

    Please share where that beautiful crochet top is from!!

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