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6 Semi-Homemade Desserts to Make Dinner Parties Easier

We can all agree that the best thing to do to prepare for having guests over is to make things simple, right? It feels as though the world has been spinning at warp-speed for a while, but lately, more people are starting to slow down and savor the goodness of connecting with those around them. That […]

17 Summer Sandals We’re Head Over Heels For

Every year I seem to run into the same recurring problem: last summer sandals have oh-so-sadly seen their last of days. And if your sandals are as well-loved (and well-worn) as mine, then you know the drill… it’s time to ditch last year’s shabby kicks and build out a new stock of summer flats. Since […]

Black Bean and Pineapple Salsa Lettuce Boats

photographed by chanel dror One of my favorite meals from back home was homemade chalupas, made with tortillas we rolled out and cooked ourselves, black beans, occasionally chicken, and this yummy pineapple salsa. For this occasion, I changed it up by using bite-sized lettuce boats instead of the tortilla for a lighter alternative. This salsa […]

Spicy Mezcal Margarita

photographed by hannah haston This cocktail is a lovely twist on a margarita. While refreshing from the cucumber, it packs a punch from the smoky, spicy flavors of the mezcal and optional chile around the rim. Read the full story on this sunset dinner party here! 

Homemade Facial Steams to Treat Yourself

photographed by kristen kilpatrick In case you missed it, we made some relaxing herbal facial steams and smudge sticks to celebrate the people in our lives with this springtime DIY. These facial steams are my personal favorite because they take over the room with an subtle aroma that just makes you swoon, open up your pores, relieve […]

12 Mother’s Day Gifts From Target That We Want For Ourselves

photo via vogue Ah, Mom. For many of us, she’s the person we turn to in times of happiness, turmoil, trouble and success. Our biggest fan! Yet as much as we love her, putting that appreciation into a gift poses one of the biggest shopping challenges of the year. While we wish we could give her […]

A Smoky Hibiscus Margarita For Your Summer Parties

photos by hannah haston Our Cinco de Mayo (pre)party was the first-ever fiesta at the bungalow, and it was a dreamy occasion. With a delicate combination of patina, Palo Santo, and good company, this gathering had a timeless and unforgettable feeling to it. As Cinco de Mayo approaches, so does the question, what (or where) […]