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Found: Hostess Gift Ideas That Are Actually Cool

No, thank YOU.

By Hannah Zahner
cute holiday bar cart

‘Tis the season of holiday festivities and a constant stream of happy get-togethers. My rule of thumb when this hostess gift season hits? Always have a few items on hand that are easy to grab and don’t necessarily require wrapping.

One of my favorite ways to give your gift extra oomph is to pair it with a complimentary item – just tie the items together with some pretty string and go!

Some of my favorite combos:

Want to try your hand at creating your own pairings? From bath to table top, we’ve put together the perfect guide complete with categories to fit every kind of hostess. Simply pick a couple items from whichever category fits your hostess best and you have the perfect gift set! These items are great on their own too. Either way, you’re going to want to stock up on a few options for all the merry making ahead.

featured image by Kate Turpin

For the Hostess Who Needs a Zen Moment

For the Hostess Who Loves a Good Chat Over Tea

For the Hostess Who Knows Her Way Around the Kitchen

For the Hostess Who’s a Bit of a Homebody

For the Hostess Who Loves a Well-Stocked Bar Cart

For the Hostess Whose Bathroom is Basically a Spa