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Chocolate & Cheese “Galentine’s Day” Party

By Camille Styles
a girly valentine's day gathering

How do you guys feel about PDA? I’m not personally one to put it all out there when it comes to my love life, but when I spot another obviously in-love couple who can’t keep their hands to themselves, it’s kind of sweet. Up to a point, of course. Valentine’s Day is the one exception when it feels a bit more natural to put affections on display, so it was fun to team up with GODIVA this year for their Valentine’s call to arms in the form of a little PDG (public display of GODIVA, that is!) Since I’m all about showing the love to my non-romantic crushes on V-Day too, I thought it would be fun to take Friday afternoon off and treat my team to an early “Galentine’s” fête. Click through for the swoon-worthy details, and whether you’re showering Valentine’s chocolates on your best friends, parents, kids, or coworkers this year, show us how you’re surprising them by sharing your PDG on Instagram with #LoveGODIVA!

*photos by Molly Winters

Our team workroom is usually overflowing with props and projects, but for our Galentine’s gathering we cleared out all that clutter to create a clean, refreshing space where we could take a break.

This DIY runner was a last-minute idea. I had a gorgeous piece of blush-meets-coral paper leftover from something I’d purchased (the bag was so pretty I couldn’t throw it away), so I crumpled it up for a textured wrinkly effect that anchored the entire table.

We set out a spread that would satisfy both the sweet and savory lovers among us. A wheel of creamy brie was topped with berries and served with marcona almonds, crackers and cherries.

We then broke open the good stuff: a box form the new Coupes d’amour Collection, full of an assortment GODIVA pieces in different shapes, sizes and flavors. Even for those of us who eat healthy almost all the time, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a little bit of indulgence (and antioxidants!) than Valentine’s, a day that’s practically devoted to chocolate.

Jenn Rose tries her best to exercise moderation with just a few bites of chocolate…

… while the rest of us didn’t even attempt to feign restraint.

Since this “Galentine’s” bash took place mid-work day, we opted out of cocktails and champagne, instead enjoying our chocolates with coffee for a perfect pairing and much needed jolt of energy.

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, so we participated in some group crafting that would help each of us gift our actual Valentines something special…

We each chose the GODIVA chocolate bar that we thought our beaus would love most, then got creative choosing different wrapping papers, ribbons and twine to package up the sweets.

I tried keeping mine concealed until February 14th, but let’s just say that my gift got consumed a little early. Guess that just means I’ll need to restock my chocolate supply this weekend!