Hot dog! The Ultimate 4th of July Spread

By Chanel Dror
build your own hot dog spread

I’ll let you in on a little insider secret: we’re kind of obsessed with hot dogs. It’s weird, we know, but for years hot dogs have been a shared affinity among our entire team, manifesting in the form of group texts featuring hot-off-the-grill dogs, and a countdown to the most frank-friendly day of the year, The 4th of July. This year, we collectively decided that it was time to pay our overdue respects to our favorite food with an unrivaled hot dog spread, bursting with vibrant patriotic details and complete with all the necessary build-your-own accoutrements. We’re glad Buff Strickland was there to snap a few photos, because this buffet was devoured within minutes… click through for all the mouth watering details!

First things first: the dogs. Fire up the grill and make them to order, or make a big batch before the party starts and keep them warm in the oven. Don’t forget that a little toast on the bun goes a long way, and make sure to provide veggie dogs for any non-meat eaters.

Sure, red, white and blue is the obvious color palette for an Independence Day shindig, but why not add an unexpected accent color (or two!) to the spread? We chose to use both royal blue and light blue, and since that cheery sunflower yellow just screams “summer,” we couldn’t help but use it to brighten things up. The overall spread is still patriotic, but it’s a little less predictable.

For the runner, we wanted something whimsical, art-deco and in-line with our color scheme… so we painted our own! To do the same, simply cut a roll of white wrapping paper in half, then go to town with a hand painted design. The best part? If you mess up, starting over is a breeze.

The refreshments for this party are a no brainer: stick to freshly squeezed lemonade and ice cold beer.

For an unexpectedly refreshing side dish, we whipped up these adults-only watermelon pops. Infused with tequila and served on a stick, they’re the perfect frozen treat.

Click here to get the recipe for our Tequila Infused Watermelon Pops!

When it comes to picking the toppings for your build-your-own hot dog spread, more is definitely more. Classics like ketchup, mustard, relish and onions are obvious must-haves, while unexpected additions like roasted red peppers, sliced cucumber, fig chutney and goat cheese crumbles guarantee a win among guests.

Some of our favorite hot dog combinations:

relish + chopped onion + sliced cucumber + tomatoes + mustard

cole slaw + shredded beets + honey mustard
roasted peppers + slaw + caramelized onions

fig chutney + goat cheese crumbles (trust us.)



We stuck to a strict uniform of wood cutting boards for this spread, making the different menu items easy to transport and pass around. It was all almost too pretty to eat, but that didn’t stop us!

These paper baskets are tried-and-true classics for a reason — they’re perfect for those summer gatherings when guests are dashing back and forth from the buffet to the pool! Set out each dog individually, then let guests easily grab ’em and snack without the fuss of an entire plate.

Pledge your support for everyone’s favorite all American food with these do-it-yourself patriotic buttons. Click here to download and print them, then slip each design into small and medium clear plastic buttons for a simple craft that’ll have guests talking until next year.