Entertaining With Joey Wolffer

By Camille Styles
entertaining with joey wolffer

I can’t think of a more fitting subject to cap-off a sunshine and rosé-filled summer than the queen of pink wine herself, Joey Wolffer, who co-owns her family’s namesake vineyard and has helped turn it into the liquid accessory of the summer. Speaking of accessories, Joey also runs The Styleliner, a mobile fashion truck that features independent designers from around the world. The bohemian-inspired boutique on wheels has been such a hit that she recently opened a brick-and-mortar outpost in Sag Harbor that’s brimming with a finely curated mix of clothing, jewelry, and textiles. We got a peek inside the life of this Hamptons tastemaker to find out how she entertains — and channels the breeziness of summertime all year around.

images via Belathée Photography

The entertaining rule you rarely break:

Start the evening with an empty dishwasher. It makes your life so much easier after the dinner party is over.

Your secret to a great dinner party:

A good cocktail to start the night off and loosen everyone up!

Your signature entertaining dish:

Shepherd’s pie or stuffed peppers in the winter. Chicken paillard with local vegetables and fresh mozzarella in the summer.

The perfect dinner party playlist includes:

The XX, Metric, The Head and the Heart, Santagold, and the Chainsmokers. I’ll sometimes throw a little country in there depending on the crowd!

Current favorite color palette for parties:

I love mixing denim blue with dusty pink and fuchsia.

Your standard hostess outfit:

Summer-in-a-bottle rosé.

Must-have entertaining tool:


What scares you about entertaining?

That awkward moment when you’re introducing guests to each other and you think, “Oh no, what if they don’t get along?!” But that always passes with a little wine…

Taste you’re always craving:

Spicy! Ever since I traveled to Bali, I like everything with a little hot sauce.

Items that are always in your refrigerator:

Rosé, turkey bacon, pickles, sparkling water, and grapes (I sound like I’m pregnant!).

The restaurant meal you’ll never forget:

Spaghetti a la vongole when I was about 11 years old in Harry Cipriani in Venice, Italy.

Your dream dinner guests:

Diane von Furstenburg, Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon, Yves Saint Laurent, and Muhammad Yunus (the founder of Microfinance).

Your entertaining style in 5 words or less:

Casual elegance.

I’m all about mixing printed table cloths with napkins, bold flowers, and lots of candles. I don’t like it to be too “done,” and luckily I’m extremely disorganized so it never is! Simple, fresh food and delicious drinks paired with great company make for a perfect evening.

see more of Joey’s bohemian style on her Instagram!