How LA Catering Star Annie Campbell Entertains at Home

Next level hostess-ing.

By Jenn Rose Smith

Annie Campbell doesn’t just create beautiful events for celebrity clients — she’s become something of a star herself in the past few years, lending her expertise to publications like Domino and Martha Stewart Living. She and her husband Greg Murnion launched Annie Campbell Catering in 2010, and have since then built a reputation for creating beautifully delicious meals and events.

Together they’re good looking, accomplished, stylish… and about as nice as it gets.

We ooh-ed and aww-ed when we walked into their Hollywood Hills home, decorated to cozy perfection. But the fall inspired meal they created for us was what absolutely blew our minds. “Thoughtful” is the word to describe Annie’s work as a caterer. She considers theme, drama, even color in every meal plan. Scroll down to see the unbelievable backyard dinner she and Greg created together, and take notes from a pro on next level entertaining.

What you love about your job:

Wow, I love so many facets of my job. Fundamentally, I love helping people celebrate. I believe in bringing people together and feel fortunate to have so many clients who share the same value. I love collaborating with our insanely talented vendors to create beautiful and fun parties. Right now I’m really enjoying building our amazing team and learning to scale. I love working with my husband Greg, and take great pride in our family business.

Your must-have entertaining tools:

Candles, wooden cheese boards, my husband Greg and a designated self-serve bar.

Tonight’s Menu:

A Spiced Fall Dinner Party


 rose mule with floral ice cubes


 crudités with spiced yogurt dip

vegetarian samosas

To Share

 branzino with roast grapes, coconut & saffron

crispy saffron tahdig

citrus roast carrots with green curry

eggplant paneer

little gems with cucumbers, red onions, edible flowers & cilantro lime vinaigrette

garlic naan


cardamom rice pudding with pistachios & rose

assorted colorful, Indian treats

The one entertaining rule you never break:

Feed people!

The signature cocktail for tonight:

Rose Mule: vodka, rose syrup, fresh ginger, ginger beer, lime

I’m obsessed with pretty ice cubes and made floral ones for our dinner party.

Favorite tabletop item you own:

My collection of vintage champagne coupes that my mom has given to me.

The inspiration for tonight’s gathering:

I collaborate with my friend Heather Taylor all of the time and this entire party was inspired by her new fall napkins. I love the rich color and that was my starting point. It reminded me of colorful spices, which led me to Indian flavors and fall ingredients. The menu was all about the palette: saffron, grapes, rose, carrots. Burgundy dahlias felt like a pretty compliment to the goldenrod napkins, as did the gold flatware and metallic lanterns.

Your perfect dinner party playlist:

One that someone else makes for me! I believe in delegating.

Always in your fridge:

Milk, eggs, cheese, tortillas, beer and condiments galore.

Biggest guest behavior pet peeve:

Arriving early.

Do you reference any family traditions when you entertain?

All of the time.  My mom is an amazing hostess and I learned almost everything about entertaining from her. Our holidays were full of rituals and I continue many of those food traditions with my family and friends: chili for trick or treating, popcorn, cheese and apples to decorate the Christmas tree and a “dresser” for the hostess while prepping a party.

One the best meals of your life that you will never forget:

A birthday lunch in Hanoi, Vietnam: an herbaceous vermicelli pork bowl at the apartment of new friends.

Something we’d never find at one of your parties:

Never say never.

Your entertaining style in five words or fewer:

Thoughtful, festive, thematic, holiday monster

Your dream dinner party guests:

Julia Child, John Oliver, Jack Nicholson, Carrie Bradshaw & Mr. Big

Go-to centerpiece solution:


Your standard hostess outfit:

A Dôen dress or an Ulla Johnson jumpsuit with flats.

Favorite after-dinner activity:

I love a parlor game, especially Celebrity. We always play at Thanksgiving with pie.

Fill in the blank: “It’s not a party without __________.”

Friends and cocktails.