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A Ceramicist In Another Life

January 22nd, 2018

inspired by ceramics

We all know that it’s never too soon to start saving for retirement, but is it premature to start planning my post-retirement career now? Ever since coming across this tour of a beautiful ceramicist’s studio a few weeks ago, I’ve been fantasizing about life at the pottery wheel. It would all take place at my home in the country, of course, and I’d spend my days entertaining whatever creative project inspired me in that moment. All around me, racks of powdery fresh pieces begging for a coat of paint, or better yet, stacks of earth-toned and pastel vessels, ready to be filled with flowers and foods. The fantasy got me thinking: I’d love to know what hobbies you’re dreaming of taking on, either this year, or in the very distant future. Anyone out there happen to share my aspirations?

photo credits: pink pitcher (original source unknown); the secret souk via french by design blogjapanese ceramics; stacked bowls (original source unknown); dutch ceramics from decor8natural dyes by simone leblanckirstie van noort ceramics from going home to roost; dutch ceramics from decor8




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  1. Chris says:

    I think you should go ahead and start now, Chanel! Take a class and see what you think. I have collected pottery for years and never tire of the pieces I’ve bought, even from the first years of my marriage. My husband’s (then boyfriend) first gift to me was a beautiful blue bowl made by Clarksville Pottery in Austin, and I still treasure it.
    I am thinking of taking a weaving class this year!

  2. Chloe says:

    I have been having this exact same moment! I’m thinking of taking a class in the summer and justifying it by setting a goal to make a set of coffee mugs that look good on open shelves. Because we can’t just do things for fun, right? 🙂

  3. Eva says:

    My sister started taking pottery classes when she lost her job and it’s been so therapudic for her in the meantime. Don’t hesitate to try something new! You might love it. Lately I’ve been trying to write more, and I’m interested in learning how to sew.

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