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Why You Should Be Saving for Retirement (and How To Actually Do It)

August 22nd, 2017

If we conducted a survey on mystifying personal finance tools, my guess is that a Roth IRA would land in the top five. Most of us are semi-comfortable with 401(k)s, but for some reason, the “R” word adds a whole new level of intimidation. It’s no secret that millions of successful women are missing out on this effective way to save for retirement because they don’t know how it works. And I’m on a mission to fix that! Armed with some Roth basics, we can step up our retirement games and hit the beach earlier than we ever expected.

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  1. Ambar says:

    I really agree with you! This needs to be more important in our lives, specially now that retirement funds are decreasing each year.

  2. This is awesome! Good tips

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