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A Low-Key Dinner Party in Camille’s Blooming Backyard

May 21st, 2018

For the past month, every time I step outside my back door I feel immediately transported to the South of France. It’s all thanks to a weeklong trip that Adam and I took to St. Tropez in June six years ago, where we got inspired by our hotel’s endless walls of blooming jasmine vines, then promptly rushed home and planted our own on just about every surface of our backyard. Our efforts paid off, since years later we’re rewarded with lush blooming vines each spring, and the intoxicating fragrance invites us back to that week abroad. I can almost see the ocean and taste the grilled octopus and chilled rosé as though I’m there once again. Isn’t scent the most incredible thing for bringing back memories? Of course it wouldn’t feel like the South of France without gathering a few friends for a long low-key dinner party in the backyard, so that’s just what we did to celebrate, and we teamed up with La Crema to show how to throw an easy summertime dinner with friends that feels special with minimal effort. Scroll on to see how we did it.

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  1. Every moment of this was lovely! (And you look beautiful, as always, Camille.)

  2. Meg says:

    Hopefully an easy question, but I’m moving to Houston and looking for hot weather dresses. I absolutely LOVE the white dress in the story. Who makes it?

  3. kristen says:

    Loving the good vibes!!!!! Where is the outdoor sofa and white poof/table from? Thanks

  4. Rebecca Woolston says:

    I’d love to know about that white dress too!

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