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A Chic Handmade Holiday Dinner Party

December 7th, 2017

Around the holidays, adding a handmade touch to the table feels especially in keeping with the sentimental vibe of the season. Crafting your own place cards or centerpieces adds a wonderfully personal touch to the table — and they’re likely to become keepsakes, carefully unpacked year after year. For the holiday dinner party we threw at our studio with California Walnuts, we let a traditional element (walnuts) become the launching pad for a party that was full of handmade touches with a sophisticated spin, from the invitations to the DIY decor, and of course, throughout every course of the menu. Keep reading for ideas on infusing your parties with homemade touches that feel chic – plus the holiday menu I’m loving this year.

photos by kristen kilpatrick

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Last year I purchased a ten pound bag of organic walnuts directly from the grower. I found the perfect wooden mushroom nut cracker that even 4 and 5 year old children can maneuver to crack their own nuts. A sack of walnuts with this nut cracker made a fine family gift for a fun combo of healthy snacking and fine-motor activity! Walnuts epitomize autumn and winter and you couldn’t have chosen a better theme for your party!

  2. Once again, amazing pictures and great theme choice!

    x Mariya

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