DIY David Bowie Face Paint

By Jenn Rose Smith
DIY David Bowie Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles

David Bowie Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles

If you saw last week’s special on 3 Genius Eye Makeup Tutorials then you know we’re total suckers for makeup-based costumes. Makeup can be so transformative, and (added bonus) gets you out of spending money on an expensive costume. This Ziggy Stardust-inspired look is even better, because you can create it entirely using products you already own. We met up with professional makeup artist Nisa Nicole at ROAR Salon to learn her secrets to achieving Bowie’s signature lightening bolt look. One of her best tips? Using a piece of tissue paper as a straight edge to create a truly perfect zig-zag. Daring model Shalyn Nelson was the perfect personality for this look — she doesn’t back down from anything fun.

DIY David Bowie Makeup Tutorial | Camille StylesDIY David Bowie Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles

“With this look you can simply reach into your makeup bag and create a ‘costume’ by using what you already have on hand,” says Nisa. “Pair this look with an over the top 70’s jumpsuit or throw on your favorite party dress and your ready for the night.” Read on for Nisa’s step-by-step on how to create a Bowie zig-zag:

DIY David Bowie Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles


David Bowie Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles


  • Start with foundation already done.  Get a tissue (double it for strength) and line it up with the outside line of the zigzag. Holding the tissue tight with one hand, take red lipstick and stipple along the edge of the tissue and down your face while pulling the color inwards. The tissue will help keep the lines sharp.
  • Gently pull the tissue straight up to determine where to put the next line.  Make sure your hair is back and off of your face.
  • Map out the shape of the zigzag with the tissue. Fold the tissue over to have a clean edge to work with for the next line.
  • Fill in the shape with the lipstick.
  • Go over the lipstick with a powdered blush.  This is to help set the makeup but if you use a shimmer blush, it will also create dimension.  You can use translucent setting powder as well for this step.  TIP: Load your brush with a lot of powder so the lipstick won’t stick to your brush.
  • Take the black eyeliner and outline the left side of the zigzag, creating a thin stripe of black.
  • Take the blue eyeliner and follow the same outline, creating a slightly thicker stripe of blue on the outside of the black stripe.Clean up any smudges with a tissue.
  • Use concealer and a a pointed brush to perfect the edges of the zigzag.  Put red lipstick on your lips to finish the look.  Simple eye makeup is best but you can add shimmer to your cheek bones and exposed skin for some drama.

NISA’S PRO TIP #1: For those dare, add a dash of body glitter to this look for a full-on dose of Ziggy Stardust!
NISA’S PRO TIP #2: Be sure to not bring the red lipstick too close to the eye. I created a circular shape around her eye by brushing the product into the brow but not below it and keeping an even border around the rest of the eye. Now go out and represent “The Man Who Sold The World”.DIY David Bowie Makeup Tutorial | Camille Stylesphotographed by kristen kilpatrick