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DIY Spring Floral Centerpiece

By Olivia Turgeon

OnceWed Table Settings with Floral Arrangement

editor’s note: We’re so excited to showcase this gorgeous Easter table DIY from the talented team at Once Wed! Editorial manager Mary McLeod explains how to recreate this easy breezy floral centerpiece that will be the perfect touch on your Easter table:

When concepting this DIY centerpiece, we started with the question: “What’s something beautiful that everyone has access to that would be fitting for an Easter brunch?” After a little brainstorming, it dawned on us: everybody has access to a Lowe’s or Home Depot! We decided to build this centerpiece solely out of florals and foliage that can be found at the hardware store. We incorporated some stunning home pieces from Zola Registry, and decided to stick with a muted but springy color palette to complement the organic pieces we used on the table. Since there are limited colors to be found at most local nurseries, you’ll see a lot of greens, purples, whites, and mauves on our table – because those are the colors that occur most often in nature.

OnceWed Table Settings

To find the right types of flowers, choose varieties that can be separated easily for the arrangements – which basically means flowers that aren’t connected in one central point, but rather can be broken up with individual stems. And remember, if you choose to plant your centerpieces with the intent to keep them growing after the brunch is over, choose flowers that have similar water and light needs. And be gentle when you’re repotting the flowers- keep as many roots intact as possible.

OnceWed Floral Arrangement


Dusty Miller
Ground Covering Succulents
Clay Pots (can be found at the hardware store) or Campo de Fiore Pots (what we used- found here)
Gardening Gloves
Duct Tape

OnceWed At The Table


  1. Place a small piece of duct tape on the bottom of the pot to cover up drainage hole (remove after brunch if you choose to keep your centerpieces alive so water can drain).
  2. Start by placing a little bit of dirt at the bottom of the pot to anchor the first few pieces of the arrangement.
  3. You’ll have to separate the different plants and flowers into smaller pieces, and do this carefully if you want to keep your arrangement alive after the brunch.
  4. Place the smaller pieces around the arrangement until you’re happy with the shape. We added some azalea branches that were trimmed from the bush to give us a little dimension.

OnceWed Place Card Holder

Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous DIY, ladies! And be sure to hop on over to Once Wed to find these downloadable place cards and table holders!

Photography by Meghan Kay Sadler | Art Direction by Emily Newman for Once Wed | Floral Design by Mary McLeod of Amy Osaba Events | Styling by Ginny Au | Food Styling by Katelyn Hardwick | Plates and Glassware by Zola Registry