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Pink Ladies Costume

By Laura Dominguez

Some movies are so well done that right after watching them, you’re instantly convinced you were born in the wrong era. That was Grease for ten-year-old me. Night after night, I’d watch the movie in total awe of the poodle skirts, soda fountains and drive-in movie theatres where they all hung out. Back then, the only thing I knew I wanted more than to go to Rydell high and have Danny Zuko as my boyfriend, was to have the pink ladies as my best friends. Their style: the coolest. Their personalities: totally unapologetic. Like so many others, I was immediately drawn to the girl-power hilarity that they brought to the movie and have sort of always known that a pink ladies costume was somewhere in my future. One of the best parts about this costume is that it’s one of those that’s totally customizable. Pick your fave 50’s-inspired outfit, throw on the classic satin jacket and you’re golden. Our take on the costume ended up being a little more bad-girl Sandy than sweetheart Frenchie, but still awesome none-the-less.

photographed by kate lesueur at shdw studios


To keep things simple and to really encompass the sassy, bad-girl vibe we were going for, we stuck to an all-black attire but mixed it up with different pieces as far as pants, skirts, heels, boots, etc. This allowed for all of us to look the part while still keeping it fun and bringing in some personality as well. I think it really helped us look more like a group of friends and not four girls wearing the same costume.


The possibilities here are as endless as the outfit options. The jackets we got came with matching pink scarves so those were a no brainer. But we also chose to take it a step further and add in our own personal touches such as retro jewelry, wing tip glasses, bubble gum, a classic coke bottle, and bright lipstick shades.


This is obviously when the real transformation occurred and we went from being an unrecognizable group of friends to the pink ladies. We bought our jackets at a great price with the pink ladies insignia already written on the back, but you could easily create your own as well with any pink satin jacket.

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