Are any of you hosting Easter this year? If so, what special menu items or decorative details do you have planned? One of my best friends is hosting her parents and her in-laws for the first time this year, and needless to say, the pressure is on! When she came to me on a quest for a simple-yet-adorable accent for her table, the perfect project came to mind. I’ve always thought that those wooden clothespins that are sold at craft stores resemble the shape of an upside-down bunny rabbit, and with little more than paint and glue, I created these cupcake toppers that are perfect for adorning your Easter eats. Keep reading for the easy step-by-step…

*photos by kate zimmerman


  1. Cover the wooden clothespin entirely in paint. White, light brown, or light gray are best. Allow to dry completely,
  2. Use a fine tipped paint brush to carefully paint pale pink or peach to create the bunny’s “ears.”
  3. Carefully paint on the face details as pictured. Allow to dry.
  4. Cut a wooden craft stick to the desired length, and use craft glue or hot glue to attach to the back of the painted bunny head. Insert into cupcake and enjoy!

*photos by kate zimmerman

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Chanel Dror