Phoebe’s Woodland Fairy Party Inspiration

By Camille Styles
Phoebe's 3rd Birthday with Minted | Camille Styles

Phoebe's 3rd Birthday with Minted | Camille Styles

Well, it’s happened: my baby girl just up and decided to turn 3! It’s bittersweet to look back at photos from when she turned 2 and realize how much she’s grown from a toddler into a little girl over the past year; one with a full-fledged personality, sense of humor, and definite opinions about everything! Which made planning her birthday party this year super fun, since she was able to weigh in on the theme to make it truly feel like her perfect day. The inspiration for our party came from this Woodland Fairy Invitation from Minted, which you guys know is my go-to source for all things paper and party. Phoebe loved the cute little fairy girl and magical motif, and we let that set the vibe for the rest of the fête. To make my life easy, I ordered the coordinating “Wooded Blooms” party decor, including table signs, stickers, and crowns. And then we mixed it up by tossing in a few pieces from the “The Porch” decor collection, since we totally fell in love with the romantic floral prints. I love how pulling pieces from different sets made the decor feel really personalized and not too matchy-matchy, and the final result was so adorable! I can’t wait to show you guys how it all came together, so stay tuned for party pics next week. Until then, here’s the inspiration behind Phoebe’s fairy party… and be sure to hop over to Minted to explore all their invitations and countless collections of party decor (for adults too!) It’s become my little secret weapon for pulling together a completely coordinated party in a flash!

Woodland Fairy Party Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

1. The Porch Personalizable Bunting Banner, 2. Blush 1″ Velvet Ribbon, 3. Fleur De Lys Dinnerware, 4. White Paper Cups, 5. The Porch Personalizable Table Signs, 6. Wooded Blooms Party Crowns, 7. Magic Mushroom Cupcakes, 8. Wooded Blooms Flag Stickers, 10. Tree Trunk Planter, 11. Ruthie the Deer