Richard and Jordan

By Morgan Modica

Caviar and vodka — leave it to the French to conceive of the most perfect simple pairing, and leave it to Chef Jordan Muraglia and artist Richard Bropae to make it look this amazing for a party! Since meeting in 2006, the real-life couple have become the perfect collaborators, and with their shared affinity for adventure, they’ve lived in and traveled to countless locales around the globe. Selfishly, I couldn’t be happier that Jordan and Richard have setup shop near Austin in Fredericksburg, Texas, combining their shared passions for fine cuisine and modern design with Vaudeville. From eclectic showrooms to an expertly curated art gallery, to immaculate event spaces and a French bistro, the place is an absolute dream, and just thinking about it has me jones-ing for a road trip out West. That said, it’s no surprise that Jordan and Richard know a thing or two about throwing an incredible get-together, and today they’re giving us a sneak peek into what an epic party at Vaudeville looks like. Click through for all the gorgeous details…

*photography by Kate Zimmerman

What brought you to Fredericksburg, TX?

As regular pilgrims to Fredericksburg, we sensed the town was poised for a rebirth. In 2011, we fell in love with this historic downtown location. The building was filled with classical lines and vintage atmosphere, the perfect canvas to exercise our sense of aesthetic. Respecting the architecture, we refurbished the property to create a showroom floor, an art gallery, and a gourmet destination. This place is a vibrant attraction where we can both delve into our passions.

A peak inside one of Vaudeville’s amazing spaces. 

Richard’s skill as a visual artist and sculptor on display in the gallery and showroom, where the beautiful art and great design is abundant.

Meanwhile, the Bistro and Supper Club allow Jordan to express his passion for gastronomy.

Tell us about today’s party:

Today is all about afternoon indulgences with friends who can appreciate the simplicity of classics.

The entertaining rule you rarely break:

Never fading before our guests.

Jordan picks fresh herbs from his garden to get started on the menu.

Always in your refrigerator:

Farm-fresh eggs and french butter.

Tell us about the salmon you prepared:

Our Herb-Cured Salmon recipe is simple, but relies heavily on the highest quality of wild salmon and fresh cut garden herbs.


Click here to get the recipe for Jordan’s Herb-Cured Salmon!

My signature entertaining dish:

I never repeat a meal.

What’s the deal on those mouth-watering blinis with caviar?

We used Hackleback Caviar, a wild fresh water american sturgeon, which have greater value compared to the wild sturgeon from the Caspian sea. The Blinis are homemade, fun and simple to achieve. We used a simple recipe that includes: flour, eggs, milk, butter, left over mashed potatoes… and chives!

What (if anything) scares you about entertaining?

Post clean-ups and hangovers.

It must be so wonderful to be able to set a dinner table using all the amazing items you sell in the store. What serving pieces did you use today?

Lots of our serving pieces came from Contemporary Collection by Waterford. The caviar and vodka servers were designed by Jo Sampson. Our beloved french butcher block, mini gold tagine, and some of the other serving pieces are by Lunares.

Current favorite color palette for parties:

Gold and neutrals.

The taste you’re always craving:

The luxury of the unknown.

Your must-have entertaining tool:

A great guest list!

The restaurant meal I’ll never forget:

Le Parc in Reims, France could be taking the lead, although Morimoto’s Omakase tasting menu in New York was also out of this world.

Your dream dinner guests:

Any of our dear friends that live far and wide!