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Raw Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake

Click here for more Purely Elizabeth recipes. “When I was 15, I discovered the Cheesecake Factory with my best friends from camp. I can still taste that life-altering first bite of cookie dough cheesecake. I literally thought I had found dessert nirvana. God knows what was in that cheesecake that made it weigh a pound. […]

A Midsummer Night’s Soirée

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is probably my favorite play by Shakespeare. It’s filled with fanciful prose, crazy love triangles, mystical personalities, and encompasses a unique approach to that most serious subject of love. No wonder I immediately gravitated towards this magical bohemian dinner created by Michelle Burke, who brought Shakespeare’s tale to life by utilizing […]

12 Best Backpacks of 2015

Where did the summer go? Hard to believe it’s already time for back-to-school shopping, and there’s no doubt that the quickest fix for end-of-summer blues is scooping up some new merch! Although it’s been awhile since I’ve actually shopped for school’s return, there are major benefits to rocking a chic backpack to work: major style and convenience, […]

How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Wouldn’t life be infinitely more glamorous if we automatically knew how to correctly handle all things adult, like properly opening a bottle of vino?  We enlisted Master Sommelier (and the most inspiring wine expert we know) June Rodil, who is the Wine & Beverage Director at McGuire Moorman Hospitality, to give us a spill-proof, step-by-step introduction to this life skill that we should […]

Dark Chocolate & Coffee Ice Cream

*editor’s note: Constantly having to stare at mouthwatering, indulgent desserts on a computer screen is a tough job.  And when that dessert happens to be the product of all my favorite flavors, it can feel like complete torture. Enter this beauty by Megan Giller: the undeniable marriage of chocolate and coffee, in the form of two decadent scoops of ice cream. […]

An Epic 40th Birthday Weekend

If there’s anyone we’d expect to throw a killer party, it’s an amazing team of professional event planners. That’s just what the ladies of Georgeous did to celebrate the boss’s 40th at a family farm in the Australian countryside. Georgie Kay is the creative director of the Melbourne-based events and styling company, and her friends vouch […]

Richard and Jordan

Caviar and vodka — leave it to the French to conceive of the most perfect simple pairing, and leave it to Chef Jordan Muraglia and artist Richard Bropae to make it look this amazing for a party! Since meeting in 2006, the real-life couple have become the perfect collaborators, and with their shared affinity for adventure, they’ve lived in and traveled to […]

8 Amazing Interactive Party Ideas

When it comes to entertaining, we’re firm believers that the focus should be on having fun, not achieving perfection. One way to do that? Opt for a casual, interactive party spread that lets guests be a part of the action. From brunch to dessert to party favors, there’s no better way to break the ice and lighten your […]

20 Best Water Bottles

Sustainable water bottles are so in right now. Not sure I ever thought I’d say those words aloud, but it’s true! I still have to convince myself to to lug around a jug of H2O in order to stay hydrated, though you’d think the health benefits alone would be enough to convince me to consume more water on […]

Mer Mag

I don’t think of myself as a jealous person, but that little kid inside me is green with envy over this wonderful, whimsical children’s party. Hosted by the ever-talented Merrilee Liddiard — blogger behind Mer Mag and author of Playful — the grown-up dessert spread at this soiree makes for the most lavish kids buffet ever. Combine that […]

Matcha-Pistachio Chocolate Truffles

Click here to get more “Recipes for a Clean Green Summer Menu” “With decadent dark chocolate, rich and earthy Matcha powder, and heart-healthy pistachios, this is the perfect desert for anyone looking for a feel-good-antioxidant boost. Pack these truffles for a little midday pick-me-up when you’re craving something sweet!” Candice Kumai 

Avocado-Kale Caesar Salad

Click here to see the full “Recipes for Clean Green Summer Meals” story.  “This perfect to-die-for pairing of super-green superfood ingredients is also super simple to throw together-kale, apple, avocado, with some hemp seeds for added omegas. Top with some tangy Light Caesar Dressing and-voila!– a weeknight dinner in a hot second!” Candice Kumai 

Lemon-Soy Edamame Barley Bowl

Click here to see the full “Recipes for Clean Green Summer Meals” story. “The distinctive flavors of lemon, sesame oil, soy sauce, and oregano combined beautifully in this perfectly balanced “power lunch.” I love to use fiber-rich barley as a base for hearty lunch bowls – it has such a great texture and is really […]

A Clean Green Summer Meal

If you’re struggling to think of delicious, filling, yet healthy dishes that are easy to prepare, look no further. Today’s three-course menu from author, chef, journalist, and all-around lovely person Candice Kumai, is the answer to serving a nutritious summer meal at home. Tired of that same ole’ Caesar salad? Candice’s take on the classic gets an upgrade with apple, avocado, and […]

Roman Caprese

Click here to see the full “Garden-to-table Summer Feast” story. “We had this salad at a small restaurant in the Monti district of Rome. We ate there three times in one week and always ordered the same thing: Caprese salad, Eggplant Parmigiana and a litre of the house red. Every morning, the owner’s mother would […]