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These 7 Salad Recipes Will Satisfy All Your Color Cravings

May 15th, 2018

Editor’s note: We love Libbie Summers. She entertains without inhibition, plates with whimsy, and today, she’s cooking with creativity. Behold, her seven (yes, seven!) salad recipes — one for each color of the rainbow, and each of them healthy and delicious!

From Libbie: My mom loves flowers. As a child, I would bring her bouquets of dandelions picked from our forever overgrown back yard. Each time, as I presented mom with my flower weed gift, she would accept it like she was accepting an Academy Award. It always made me feel so special. This spring, I wanted to treat loved ones to a different kind of floral bouquet – one that was beautiful for the mind but had the extra benefit of being good for the body. This rainbow of edible flower-packed salads is not only stunning, but they are also packed with healthy nutrients. Make your mom, or guest, a salad inspired by their favorite hue. I’ll be making the yellow salad in honor of those long ago dandelion bouquets my mom loved so much.

*All greens should be thoroughly washed and dried prior to making salads. Feel free to mix and match with your favorite salad greens!

photos by chia chong

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  1. Justine Fritz says:

    What beautiful inspiration!!! I can’t wait to try the micro beet of the night <3

  2. This is exactly what I was thinking when viewing each of these recipes individually! The colours are stunning! Each salad has its own unique and vibrant colour palette! These are all going to be perfect for summer and I’m sure even someone who’s not a fan of salads could’t help but try these if not love them 🙂

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