10 Best Detox Drinks

By Chanel Dror

When I submitted my New Year’s resolution to this post last week, I wasn’t being entirely truthful. While I did mention that I’d resolved to be more of a morning person, I didn’t list the other half dozen resolutions I’ve embraced — probably more than any one person can realistically take on. In addition to waking up early, and cutting out gluten and alcohol (both temporarily, thank goodness), I’m making an effort to drink more homemade juices and smoothies. We’ve got a great juicer, and with a NutriBullet, regular blender and immersion blender, there’s really no excuse. So after tons of recipe searching and a few rounds of experimentation, I’ve nailed down my 10 best detoxifying smoothies and juices, as well as a couple hyper-concentrated shots to get the job done in one swig. Click through, and I’d love to know what you mix into your healthy brews!

*featured image by Michael Persico for UO Blog

Detox Green Smoothie by Julia Gartland

Superfruit Sangria from UO Blog

Super Protector from Chronicle Books Blog

Ginger and Turmeric Honey Bomb from Green Kitchen Stories

Blood Orange Chili Juice from See and Savour

Spring Detox Smoothie from Hello Natural

Ginger Detox Shot from Linda Wagner

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice from Two Blue Lemons

Post Holiday Kid-Cleanse from Small Fry

Simple Green Juice from Tuulia Talvio

Comments (10)

  1. Connect-the-Cloths says:

    Love the witty tone, but you can honestly do it! I had a quite vague resolution this year, mostly consisting of less talking/writing, more action! But, very smart, I should integrate a couple of “less realistic”, yet temporary resolutions as well! ;D

    ? | | xoxo

  2. Vanessa @ Living in Steil says:

    This is a great post to help me with my sugar detox! My resolution was to eat healthier, and cut out sugar. Good luck with your resolutions. I’m still trying to become a morning person!

  3. Kristin says:

    i love the ginger honey tumeric bomb. i make it as soon as i feel a cold coming on.

  4. Coco says:

    Love this post! definitely one of my new year’s resolutions too

  5. Traci says:

    The ginger shot is adorable.

  6. ttalvio says:

    Thanks for picking up my recipe to your list! Hope you enjoy it!

  7. Joanna says:

    I’m on a smoothie/detox juice mission at the moment! The more delicious recipes, the better! Feel free to pop over to my blog to find a great and really tasty beetroot juice.

  8. Trang's corner says:

    Such a cool post! Love this post!
    Love from – a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog

  9. Lindsey says:

    Any idea what color/brand that nail polish is in the Ginger Shot picture?! I’m obsessed!

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