A Power Bowl for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

By Kelly Krause
a power bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner

It feels great to be training for something again with a pretty specific goal in mind. That’s when I really dial everything in and regain the focus I sometimes lose when cheese plates, summer shindigs and rosé season are in full swing.  I’m traveling to Boulder, CO at the end of August to reunite with a few fellow Rapha cycling Ambassadors. We’re going to ride bikes and climb mountains like I’ve never climbed before. At a high altitude, no less!

Not only have I been spending the past 7 weeks waking up at 4:45am, watching the sunrise on my bike, putting in as many miles as possible and meeting with my personal trainer, but I’ve also made smarter nutrition choices. Much like I approach my training, where every workout counts and is as productive as possible, my meals are the same: powerful, nutritious and helping me hit my goals. My 8-week plan leading up to Boulder is to just get stronger on the bike to keep up with these girls and stay upright on the bike.

The combination of fueling and training smarter the past 7 weeks has brought on the biggest changes. I’ve lost weight (24lbs), shaved time off climbs I used to loathe (still loathe them), pedaled faster and harder than ever and now fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow vs. tossing and turning all night. Plus, I can’t stop smiling and my energy during the day is off the charts. I’m not a scientist, be le duh, good choices lead to good results.

I credit a lot of these 7 week milestones to total focus and smart fueling. Here are the 3 “Power Bowls” I’ve kept on regular rotation and truly swear by.

*photography by Kate Zimmerman; styling by Chanel Dror


These three bowls are especially perfect for those who, like me, are always on the go and require very little prep time. Pictured here are The Breakfast Acai Bowl, The Quinoa Power Bowl and The Green + Protein Bowl. Keep reading for the recipes…


* inspired by Two Hands in New York City, NY

My friend & I shared this acai bowl in NYC last Fall and I’ve been hooked ever since. Full of fruit and antioxidants, but also not too sweet. This is a great option for me before a long bike ride as I need all the fast-acting carbs I can get.

Get the recipe for Kelly’s Acai Breakfast Bowl here!


*inspired by Josephine House in Austin, TX

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a big lunch that makes the second half of your day drag, especially in this Texas heat. This quinoa bowl is filling but in all the right ways.

Get the recipe for Kelly’s Quinoa Power Bowl here!


*inspired by Fresa’s in Austin, TX

Admittedly, I get Fresa’s “El Super Bol” at least 3x a week. Typically on those nights when I’m at the office late or traveling and don’t want to make a full grocery haul, this is my go-to. I modify it by adding sweet potatoes, omitting the queso, rice and escabeche (gives me hiccups!), but it’s just as great as-is. Bonus points: if I have to eat late, I eat half for dinner and throw the other half into an omelette for breakfast. Note: I am eating this exact thing for dinner tonight.

Get the recipe for Kelly’s Green + Protein Bowl here!