For some, baking is a once-in-a-while, special occasion event. It may look like welcoming a new neighbor with a homemade pie or whipping up a best friend’s favorite cake for a birthday surprise. For others, the coziness of cold weather baking merits a season unto itself (we’re talking the sort of baker who won’t let a little hot spell keep them from spending hours in their happy place: the kitchen). But no matter the genre of sweet or savory treat-lover in your life, we’ve rounded up the definitive list of the best gifts for bakers that’ll satisfy anyone on your list—yourself included!

Truly—when it comes to giving the gift of baked goods-bliss, the possibilities are endless. Some may get giddy at the sight of a shiny and sparkling sheet pan while others delight in the chance to dive deep into a new cookbook. Here’s the good news: this list has it all. So, if you’re starting your shopping early (cue applause), you’ve come to the right place for the perfect baking present. Oh, and while we love giving gifts out of pure altruistic joy, who knows, maybe you’ll receive a batch of homemade cookies in return.

The Best Gifts for Bakers You’ll Find This Year

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Fry Pan 10″

While some may consider a sharpened set of knives to be the most essential kitchen tool, we’d argue that this tried-and-true cast iron skillet is most deserving of the designation. And not to downplay the importance of good knives, but is there really anything a solid cast iron skillet can’t do? A chef-favorite, this French-made pan distributes heat evenly throughout the entire surface, meaning you can get perfectly golden and gooey deep-dish chocolate chip cookies with absolute ease.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Fry Pan 10″, $190

June Home Supply Canvas Workshop Apron

Many bakers would consider aprons a function-first necessity, but in addition to keeping butter, batter, and whatever else your baking adventures involve off your clothes, this apron is so stylish that you’ll keep it on well after any kitchen project is complete. Also: pockets!

June Home Supply Canvas Workshop Apron, $74.95

Ground Up Holiday Nut Butters 2-Pack

Not only are these nut butters absolutely delicious (if there’s ever been a jar to dive into spoon-first, these ones are it), but they also make for game-changing baked goods and treats like Gingersnap Muddy Buddies or Salted Eggnog Blondies. A sweet and salty match made in holiday nut butter heaven.

Ground Up Holiday Nut Butters 2-Pack, $32

Homesick Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

If you can’t find the time for a quality baking sesh, the next best thing is of course smelling like you’ve spent a few hours cozying up to your oven. No matter if your grandma was a cookie connoisseur or passionate about pies, this candle that combines the soothing scents of butter, apples, cinnamon, and cream is an instant balm for any baker’s soul. We’ll take two.

Homesick Grandma’s Kitchen Candle, $34

The Muted Home Golden Measuring Cups

If there’s ever a time to feel fancy, it’s when you’re elbows-deep in dough or all in on an afternoon-long quest to recreate your favorite cozy recipe. These handmade measuring cups will look stunning displayed on the kitchen counter and are sure to make any baker smile when leveling off flour or portioning out the components of a go-to dessert.

The Muted HomeGolden Measuring Cups, $69.99

Stonewall Kitchen Doughnut Baking Pan & Mix

Who doesn’t love soft and sweet doughnuts to warm up on a winter morning? This baking mix and doughnut pan duo streamlines things so your giftee can still enjoy some freshly-baked goodness minus an oily mess.

Stonewall Kitchen Doughnut Baking Pan & Mix, $36.95

Anthropologie Gertrude Mixing Bowl

This stunning stoneware bowl is the perfect present for the friend who loves baking up cookies on a Wednesday night whim. For a more comprehensive gift, you can even fill the bowl with their favorite baking mixes (see above), a tea towel, and a spatula or whisk.

Anthropologie Gertrude Mixing Bowl, $58

King Arthur Baking Company Cookie Decorating Set

Is there anything more quintessentially Christmas than a Saturday afternoon spent decorating dozens of cookies? This set comes with everything you need for a dreamy day of holiday cookie baking. You can even gift this set to someone with little ones in their life—small hands will love stamping out and drizzling icing over their creative cookie characters.

King Arthur Baking Company Cookie Decorating Set, $48.75

Sur la Table Online Cooking Class

For the friend or family member who loves amassing new skills and has a healthy addiction to learning. You can choose from virtual classes like how to make a mouthwatering Pumpkin Cream Pie or get a step-by-step lesson in assembling a Rose-Shaped Apple Tart. Classes range from 90 minutes to two hours and are interactive, so attendees can feel free to ask questions throughout.

Sur la Table Online Cooking Class, starting at $29

Farmhouse Pottery Artisan Whisks

A strong and sturdy whisk is a must-have in any baking arsenal. Whether you’re whipping cream or taking on the task of whisking egg whites to soft peaks (more power to you), these options won’t disappoint.

Farmhouse Pottery Artisan Whisks, starting at $12

The New Way to Cake: Simple Recipes With Exceptional Flavor by Benjamina Ebuehi

Always able to turn out irresistible treats as a contestant on The Great British Bake Off, Benjamina Ebuehi is a creative culinary force. Her debut cookbook is a collection of beautiful cake recipes that let unique and unexpected flavors shine. With 60 recipes, including Masala-Chai Carrot Cake and Caramelized Plantain Upside-Down Cake, you’ll have endless options to choose from for bakes that will spice up your sweet treat routine.

The New Way to Cake: Simple Recipes With Exceptional Flavor, $21.99

JK Adams Emile Henry Pie Dish

Don’t get us wrong: A pie in and of itself is a gift to behold, but when baked inside a gorgeous dish that pairs classic design with a contemporary touch, the result is instantly elevated. Made from high-quality Burgundy clay, this dish can take the heat, handling temps up to 500°F. And if you aren’t feeling like turning on the oven to reheat your sweet or savory creation, it’s microwave-safe as well.

JK Adams Emile Henry Pie Dish, $40

Nordic Ware Baking Set, 5 piece

Trusty bake- and cookware is a kitchen essential. This set of small but mighty pans is an ideal gift for anyone navigating the world of small-space baking. And while some bakers may feel inclined to hide their sheets and tins in the back of the cupboard, this set is finished in a gorgeous gold—pretty enough to match the beautiful baked goods it’ll help you create.

Nordic Ware Baking Set, 5 piece — West Elm, $36

Great Jones Breadwinner Loaf Pan Set

This millennial-friendly line of baking tools and cookware blends an of-the-moment, vibrant aesthetic with an ultra-functional, nonstick and nontoxic ceramic finish. If you’ve been working on upping your banana bread game, first off, same. Secondly, you need this loaf set.

Great Jones Breadwinner Loaf Pan Set, $55

Cuisinart 5-Speed Hand Mixer

If you’re still waiting to pull the trigger on a stand mixer or you just can’t spare the precious counter space, this stylish hand mixer has you covered. With five speeds and a powerful motor, this mixer will let your lucky recipient easily blend even the most stubborn of doughs.

Cuisinart 5-Speed Hand Mixer, $39.95

Food52 Hand-Dipped French Rolling Pin

If you haven’t yet joined the debate on the best rolling pin for achieving thin and flaky pie and pastry doughs, let us introduce you to the clear winner. This French rolling pin is tapered at the ends, giving you the freedom to create the perfect custom roll.

Food52 Hand-Dipped French Rolling Pin, $50

OXO Cookie Press with Disk Storage Case

Sometimes, hand-shaping and rolling out cookies is the most soul-satisfying and soothing activity. Other times, you need to turn out ten dozen cookies for a bake sale or swap and you simply Don’t. Have. The. Time. When the latter situation inevitably occurs, you can rely on this easy-to-use cookie press. With a set of 12 patterned disks, you can quickly and efficiently box up a beautiful array of perfectly professional-looking cookies.

OXO Cookie Press with Disk Storage Case, $33.95

Our Place Perfect Pot

You know (and likely love) this Instagram-famous brand by their ubiquitous 8-in-1 Always Pan. Now, Our Place is applying the do-it-all concept to a dutch oven-like piece of cookware that can boil, crisp, braise, roast, strain, steam, and of course, bake. This wunderkind tool comes in a whole host of muted tones, so you can easily find the ideal color for going from the counter, to stovetop, to oven, to table…

Our Place Perfect Pot, $165

The Material Kitchen The Wood Spoon

A spoon is a spoon is a spoon, right? Wrong. This sustainably-made spoon pairs a modern sensibility with a focus on function, consciously designed to be used by both left- and right-handed bakers. Consider our minds blown by this seemingly-humble spoon.

The Material Kitchen The Wood Spoon, $20

Magic Linen Linen Bread Bag

At some point throughout the past year and a half, we’ve all been enthusiastic bread bakers. Whether you actually kept your sourdough starter alive or have opted for a simpler, but nonetheless delicious loaf of quick bread, we all need a trusty bread bag in our lives. If your loaves start to stale before you can finish them up, well, here’s your elegant but nonetheless effective solution.

Magic Linen Linen Bread Bag, $15

Silpat Half-Sheet Baking Mat

Silpat sheets are the ideal solution for those of us who are tired of rolling out a rectangle of parchment paper or buttering a dish every time you want to bake a tray of cookies. Tried, tested, and loved by home and professional bakers alike, Silpat mats were originally created by a French baker, so you know they can be trusted for helping you make delicious desserts or baking up heavenly, flaky pastries.

Silpat Half-Sheet Baking Mat, $27.95

Catbird Croissant Lamp

For the baker who has everything already, we’ll bet you they don’t have this. This is an actual croissant that’s been preserved in resin using unsold bread from bakeries in Kobe, Japan. Unique, but functional, and definitely quirky — let there be carb-comforting light.

Catbird Croissant Lamp, $88

The Italian Bakery: Step-by-Step Recipes with the Silver Spoon by The Silver Spoon Kitchen

Always wanted to bake like an Italian? Well, now you can with this go-to kitchen companion. Known throughout the world as the authoritative voice on Italian cuisine and the leading Italian culinary resource, The Silver Spoon’s first volume focuses on dolci, the Italian term for all sweet treats. Yes, we’re talking cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, sweets and chocolates, and frozen puddings for everyday indulgences and special-occasion celebrations, the Italian way.

The Italian Bakery: Step-by-Step Recipes with the Silver Spoon by The Silver Spoon Kitchen

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  1. 1
    Angela October 29, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    I’m the only baker in my family so I’m treating myself to those gold measuring spoons!

  2. 2
    Kim November 13, 2021 at 6:21 am

    Dollar muffin sheets are LIFE CHANGING