When I’m craving a savory, healthy start (or end) to the day, it’s hard to beat a frittata. The beauty of this crustless quiche lies in its versatility and its easy preparation. I can peruse a local farmer’s market for seasonal veggies for a weekend brunch frittata, or I can forage for zucchinis on the brink of turning and a half-eaten log of goat cheese in my refrigerator when I’m in a pinch. Either direction you choose, making a frittata is one of the simplest, fuss-free ways to prepare eggs. Having an arsenal of healthy frittata recipes up your sleeve can be your weeknight savior.

My best frittata secrets? 

  • Egg quality is paramount. You want the eggs you’re using to be farm fresh with a creamy, amber yolk.
  • Splashing in a little cream to the egg mixture is a foolproof way to get a fluffy texture (and eliminate dreaded, dry sponginess.) 
  • Fresh herbs take it up a notch. A few days ago I made a rainbow-chard, sesame and shallot version and added fresh dill from my garden. Yum!
  • If Alice Waters, the queen of the garden, suggest to stir the veggies with the egg mixture before popping in the oven, I will gladly acquiesce.

If you don’t have the exact veggies a recipe calls for, never fear. Using whatever you have on hand, even beyond the refrigerator (think jarred roasted red peppers) won’t compromise the taste of your frittata. 

And when it comes to the pan choice, cast iron is, hands-down, the gold standard for a stovetop to oven recipe like this one. A properly seasoned pan will ensure perfectly smooth, photo-worthy slices. 

Keep scrolling for 10 of our favorite frittata recipes…

Mushroom, Spinach, and Goat Cheese Frittata

Why we love it: Whenever the fridge is looking scarily bare, this is one recipe Camille can always turn to. Eggs are always a mainstay in her kitchen—as the most versatile ingredient out there, eggs add sustenance to breakfast, lunch, and dinner—so it’s just a matter of throwing in whatever veggies you have into the mix and concocting a delicious meal in a pinch. It couldn’t be easier or healthier.

Hero ingredient: The eggs, of course! But not just any eggs, mind you, pasture-raised and local if possible, not only because of the health benefits (there’s a compelling case for pastured eggs here) but also because: have you ever tasted a farm-fresh egg? The vivid yellow yolks that are full of flavor are almost a different food group from the bland paleness of conventionally raised eggs.

Get the recipe here.

Root and Spinach Frittata Muffins by Green Kitchen Stories

Why we love it: As much as I try to avoid grab-and-go meals, I never feel guilty about rushing out the door with these cute little frittata cups.

Hero ingredient: While most of my sage use is reserved for energetic clearing (peace 2021!), the addition of these gray-green leaves imparts minty and earthy notes. 

Get the recipe here.

Frittata Recipe by Love and Lemons

Why we love it: 5 recipes in one! This expert guide leaves you with a plethora of tips and 5 variations. The Caprese is calling my name right about now. 

Hero ingredient: Drizzling herbaceous, extra virgin olive oil with a little crunch of sea salt? I’m here for that.

Get the recipe here.

Tortilla Española by Spain on a Fork

Why we love it: While not at all similar to the Mexican tortilla, tortilla española is like a frittata loaded with potatoes. When traveling (aka eating my way) through Spain years ago, this was my favorite tapa of all time. I devoured it morning, noon, and night.

Hero ingredient: Pass the potatoes, please!

Get the recipe here.

Charred Kale Frittata by Alison Roman

Why we love it: Major props to Alison Roman for developing this delicious frittata recipe while camping. Now I’m inspired to uplevel from those freeze-dried backpacking pouches.

Hero ingredient: Remember when you were little and put potato chips inside your sandwich? (I’m a grown-up now; I’d never do such a thing.) Well, the crispy kale here is a bit resonant of that rebellious move, texturally speaking.

Get the recipe here.

Pesto Goat Cheese Frittata

Why we love it: The combination of ingredients here makes for a vibrant, show-stopping brunch centerpiece. Stove to oven to table in less than 30 minutes translates to more time sipping mimosas and catching up with girlfriends. 

Hero ingredient: The toasted pistachio basil pesto is definitely worth the extra effort you may have saved from standing over the stove with any other egg variation.

Get the recipe here.

Easy Frittata Muffin Recipe by Alice and Lois

Why we love it: Baby frittatas! Kids go wild over anything miniature. I love to make these in advance and have them on hand as an easy breakfast for my daughter. 

Hero ingredient: Red bell peppers are deliciously rich in Vitamin C, a very welcome nutrient these days!

Get the recipe here.

Asparagus Frittata by Amanda Frederickson

Why we love it: Other than sprinkled into a carbonara, I can’t think of a better use for green peas. 

Hero ingredient: Leeks are a member of the allium family I often fail to remember! They beautifully replace the role onions might typically play here.

Get the recipe here.

Broccoli, Cheddar and Cheese Frittata by Cookie + Kate

Why we love it: A delicious nod to a classic soup, this Broccoli, Cheddar, and Cheese Frittata is one of the most divine combinations we could imagine. Extra bonus points, it looks like a slice of sunshine on a cloudy day. 

Hero ingredient: Freshly grated cheddar, what’s better?

Get the recipe here.

Squash Blossom Frittata with Mushrooms and Parmesan

Why we love it: If you are a squash blossom lover, behold the wonder of this frittata. Baking the squash blossoms into the top and sprinkling it with chives and chive flowers, this show-stopping frittata takes things up a notch in every way.

Hero ingredient: Squash blossoms make everything more beautiful. When I see these at the farmer’s market, I am sure to snag a bunch. Those I don’t use in this frittata I would most certainly stuff with ricotta, manuka honey, and tempura fry.

Get the recipe here.

Vegetable Frittata by Cooking with Ayeh

Why we love it: While we do recommend using a cast-iron skillet for your frittata, oiling a casserole dish and cutting frittata into squares is an easy way to mix things up for more of a breakfast lasagna vibe.

Hero ingredient: Sweet potatoes are an immune, memory, and mood-boosting super root I try to incorporate into my diet whenever I can.

Get the recipe here.

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