Have a Plant-Based Hanukkah With These Two Must-Try Recipes

By Chanel Dror

featured image by Johnny Miller via Martha Stewart

You guys have already heard me kvetch about the lack of beautifully designed judaica, which is why when I discovered Jewish Food Hero — specifically this beautiful letterpress calendar — I nearly did a backflip. A deeper dive into all that founder Kenden Alfond has created revealed everything I could ever desire as a modern Jewish woman: comforting traditions, plant-based recipes and beautiful design. Or as Kenden puts it, “Food, feelings and finding peace.” Below, we’re so thrilled to be sharing two Jewish Food Hero recipes just in time for Chanukah.

These sweet and savory latkes are mini-sized and baked, making them cute and crispy.  They are oil-free so they are healthier for our bodies. Serve with proposed applesauce for a sweet latke, or with the sour “cream” for a savory latke.

Click here to get the recipe for these Sweet and Savory Mini Latkes!

Sufganiyot are iconic for Chanukah. Kenden wanted to make a version that’s better for you than the traditional deep-fried ones. These easy baked doughnuts avoid all the traditional mess of deep-frying, but are just as delicious. Glistening with strawberry glaze, these doughnuts will delight you and your guests.

Click here to get the recipe for these Baked Strawberry Glazed Sufganiyot!

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