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By Kelly Colchin
What's on Hand with Sweet Paul

Paul Lowe, aka Sweet Paul, is certainly living the sweet life. He was born in Oslo, Norway and raised by his Auntie Gunnvor (Great Aunt) and Mormor (grandmother) who nurtured his love of cooking and crafting at an early age. With their impeccable tastes, but “not always so perfect cakes”, they also instilled the mantra that “fullkommenhet er kjedelig” or “perfection is boring.” After moving to New York City and working as a highly sought after stylist, Paul launched the Sweet Paul blog to share his love of stylish, yet attainable food, crafts and lifestyle with his clients. This little blog became an online phenomenon and served as the beginning for his much loved magazine of the same name. Today, Sweet Paul is followed by millions online, and the print quarterly, Sweet Paul Magazine, is sold nationwide in Anthropologie and other specialty stores. Last year Paul celebrated the publication of his new book, Sweet Paul Eat and Make: Charming Recipes and Kitchen Crafts You Will Love, his guide to chasing the sweet things in life.

Paul takes his own advice of living with simple elegance at home. “I like very simple well-made food,” he says. “My idea of heaven is a piece of grilled fish with olives, capers and olive oil.” Lucky for Paul, he lives upstairs from Brooklyn Fare and can pop in there as often as he likes. He also shops at the farmers market for seasonal things. “I do believe that you should pay more for well-made and organic food,” he says. “I love cheese and will gladly pay more money for a well-made creamy cheese.” Paul keeps his kitchen stocked with oils, vinegars, capers, olives, herbs and “anything that can brighten up a meal.” His kitchen also hosts his two beloved French Bulldogs, Lestat and Hugo. You can sweeten your kitchen by stocking some of these items Paul always has on hand.

What's on Hand with Sweet Paul1. Royal Copenhagen Mussel Painted Plates — My grandmother had them and now I have them as well. I think they are the most beautiful plates ever!

2. KitchenAid Mixer — I use mine several times a week for baking, although it could do with a good scrub down.

3. Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap — I love the product and packaging. Basil is my favorite.

4. Fresh Herbs — I love using them, they give food color, taste and make everything smell so good.

5. Jam Jars — I don’t care for glassware and I hate glasses with stems. I serve everything from milk to champagne in jam jars.

6. Dijon Mustard — But it must be the real French kind. I use it in everything for that extra little kick – it makes a simple hot dog an adventure.

7. Agave syrup — I do believe that sugar is bad for you, so whenever I can I try to substitute it with agave. It has a deep sweet taste and is great for most things.

8. Dog Treats — My dogs can hear me open the lid for miles away and come running.

9. Sriracha Sauce — I love making a sauce of sriracha, olive oil and rice vinegar. It’s so good on anything and the bottle is cute!Paul LowecontributorByline_Temporary_KellyColchin