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13 Wallets That Are Too Cute To Hide In Your Handbag

February 22nd, 2018

An ode to my wallet: You guard my most prized possessions, yet endure my abuse. I love you when you’re shiny and new, and even more when you’re tattered and worn. You are my best friend, wallet.

Wallets are the best. We grow so attached to them, that we often keep them in our handbags long past their prime, in denial of the fact that the time of replacement is coming. Did I just hit a nerve with that realness? If so, allow me to say to you what everyone else is thinking: It’s time to buy a new wallet.

featured image from mansur gavriel

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  1. kate hopper says:

    All of these purses looked beautiful.
    I love all of these,specially “Half Zip Wallet by Clare V” purse looked awesome.
    Thanks Chanel for sharing purses..

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